Today’s ‘bloody’ chess video!



Written and directed by Chris Kohout back in 2011, this short film (3 min) is action packed and worth checking out! You would be surprised how many people can be killed in just 3 minutes… The film was entered in a number of film festivals, doing quite well, apparently.



The trailer says ‘Bullets and blades fly when a sniper and her charming hitman partner steal a valuable briefcase from some well defended arms dealers.‘  But for us chess players, what is really remarkable is that while all this is going on, the head of the arms dealership (a male and female) are more interested in a game of chess!


Notice the glasses of wine.  The gun shooting outside the building seems to have caught their attention, and rather than postpone the game, they order some bodyguards to go and take care of it…(!)  One should not be surprised that the two of them will also die…but I don’t want to spoil the finish for you!





‘A former programmer, filmmaker and Marine, Georgia born Chris Kohout’s writing combines a deep technology background with a keen interest in human motivations. His style has been described as “Sci-Fi with heart.” ´ Read more at the link above.

Today’s winning SMILE!


What a GREAT way to start the week! Alexandra, at the recently concluded Gibraltar TradeWise Chess Festival, taking a SELFIE while strolling down by the rocks in front of the Caleta Hotel, where she performed excellently in two amateur tournaments.You can follow Alexandra on TWITTER as well as on FACEBOOK. I am certain that ALL of my readers wish Alexandra the best in 2016! A SMILE like Alexandra’s goes a long way to make this world a BETTER place…

Saturday’s chess study


Troitski, 1908.  I generally don’t give studies on this blog, but I will make an exception today and let the reader decide for himself. This study is so COOL! It is not that difficult, but I find the solution FUNNY…maybe you will too. (HINT: with correct play on both sides the game is a draw by stalemate!)




1.Be4! Bc2!! (1…a2 2.Bb1! wins) 2.BxB a2 3.Bb1! a1(B)!!  and it is stalemate after White advances any of his pawns.  Moving his Bishop will be disasterous because of 4…b1(Q)+

Just in case you haven’t seen this…


A social media phenomenon!  Cut and paste a quacky story, get well-known people on board and voila: since the final week of January this video has seen some 1.6 million views on youtube!


”Last week, the world watched Ant-Man Paul Rudd take on eminent physicist Stephen Hawking ina game of Quantum Chess…and win. Aside from being a hilarious and star-studded comedy short created for a Caltech event honoring physicist Richard Feynman, the video showcased a very real and very mind-bending game. Now, the brilliant mind behind the game, USC graduate student Chris Cantwell, says that there is a working Quantum Chess prototype, but it needs a bit of funding to collapse the wave function and become an observable in-home reality.

As time-traveling Keanu Reeves states in the Hawking vs. Rudd video above, “Quantum Chess [is] a variant of regular chess in which every piece is endowed with quantum powers.” This means that the pieces on the board, which could only obey classical mechanics in regular chess, are now able to accomplish all kinds of “quantum moves” like quantum superpositioning and quantum entanglement. For example, “Schrödinger’s King” allows your king to be in two positions on the board at the same time until “collapsed” into a single position by an enemy attack. (Also, the game is won by killing the king, not checkmating it.)” READ MORE HERE.







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