Today’s chess tactics quiz!

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Baku Open   2016.9.19  Gadimbayli, Abdulla–Paramzina, Anastasya:  9.Ne6! 1-0  It is either the Queen or mate after 9…PxN 10.Qh5+

Baku Open   2016.9.21  Abdulov, Orkhan–Soozankar, A.M.: 13.Nf6!! Qc8 (Taking the Knight is soon mate after 14.Qc3+) 14.Qc3 Kh6 15.h3 1-0  It is forced mate in at most 4 moves.

Baku Open   2016.9.26  Mamedjarova, Turkan–Karayev, Kanan:  26…Rf1+!! 27.Kxf1 Bxd3+! 28.cxd3 Qc1+ 29.Kf2 Qe3+ 0-1 White loses his Rook after ….Qxd3+

Baku Open   2016.9.20  Hesham, Abdelrahman–Amin, Bassem:  26.d6+ Qf7 27.Nf6+! 1-0 It is either the Queen or the house (27…PxN 28.Bd5; 27…Kf8 28.Nh7+ Ke8 29.Bc6+)

Baku Open   2016.9.18  Fataliyeva, Ulviyya–Sindarov, Javokhir: 23.Bxh6! (Threatening mate in two if Black takes the Queen) 23… gxh6 24.Qf4!? (24.Rxh6+ is a bit faster) 24… Ne5  25.Rxh6+Kg8 26.Qxe5! Bxh6 27.Rg3+ Kh7 28.Rg7+ Kh8 29.Qf6 1-0 Ouch!

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