Chess, art, stockings,fun and potpourri

Being so occupied with my blog move (this week!) I haven’t been able to regularly update this blog as much as I would have liked. Here are some fun photos/tweets etc that I have come across the past few days surfing the net, following chess and what not. Enjoy!



Sunday surfing…

Following up on last Thursday’s surfing (which got over 50,000 views), today I move in a completely different direction on the ‘net and find a lot of inspiration. Potpourri, nonsense, trying to be serious (at times!), and so on. It is the ‘net.  It takes us places and is an adventure. All that is required is to have an open mind…Enjoy!

Surfing Trump’s America

Just surfing the ‘net soaking up inspiration. Like when Trump says ”Fuck you, Hillary!”…now THAT is inspiring! (Imagine if you or I said that to the most powerful BITCH in the world.)  Inspiration never comes cheap…ENJOY!

Black/W photos (Pt. I), Web-surfing, philosophy and nonsense!