Baku: why the US media doesn’t care.


It has been a full week now since the Baku Olympiad ended. The victorious US team won its first gold medal in almost 80 years, an achievement that was as brilliant as it was deserved. (My apologies to Kavalek, but except for historians, few consider the 1976 Haifa Olympiad a real Olympiad given the USSR and the Warsaw-pact countries boycotted the event, as did all of the Arab world). 

Many of us expected that the US winning team would be welcomed as national heros when they returned to the US. That they would appear on CNN, have a parade thru Times Square. Maybe even invited to the White House…

But this was NOT to be the case. Instead, this past week has been a NIGHTMARE for American Chess:


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In the week since their victory, except for the above controversial news item and some reporting in and around St.Louis, NOT A SINGLE major US news service has even carried the victory. Only dedicated chess-sites or regular chess-columns mentioned the US victory in Baku. Unbelievable!  Had I not seen with my own eyes, I would have thought this could have never happened.  But it did…

Is the US media afraid of Trump?


Trump has made the 2016 run for the White House all about immigration.  What is more, his hardline views on what today is American and what is un-American are gaining ground as the election campaign nears its end. Polls show that Trump is neck and neck with Clinton.  And it very much appears that the mainstream US media is trying not to provoke Trump’s obsession with immigration.


Below are a but a few clickable news articles that indicate what I am talking about with respect to the media’s changing attitude with respect to immigration. They are taken from  The last two, in particular, show how a number of media chains might actually be getting onboard Trump’s campaign.




The 2016 US election is going to DEFINE America for a long time to come.  Especially, it is going to define America’s attitudes with respect to what is and what is not an American.  As a Canadian, I am repulsed with such growing racist views and and racial stereotypes.  Clearly I do not agree with them!  I find such thinking scary…

BUT it is not for me to decide. What only matters is how the American people PERCEIVE what is an American or not.  About what is American and what is un-American.


As a chessplayer, I am shocked at how the US team that won in Baku is COMPLETELY IGNORED by the US media.

Now the question is to see how (or if) the US media covers the upcoming world championship match in NYC between Carlsen and Karjakin…

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