Wednesday potourri and other nonsense

Caruana’s ice bucket challenge!

Crazes!  For some proof of the silliness of modern day social media, for others an opportunity to share some humor and humanity with others.  I belong to the latter group…




real change

Unfortunately, real change rarely comes about thru begging or thru rational debate and consensus.  Leo Tolstoy wrote in the 19th century: “Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself.”  This was later echoed by Mahatma Gandhi: “Be the change that you wish to see in the world.”  The point is that it is easier to convince others to change by example…


Beauty and the Beast!


Lev and Arianne. Who says that opposites don’t attract?  My money is on Aronian at the Sinquefield Cup!




I have said it before on this blog and I will say it again: Carlsen should sac his entire group of advisors!  First they get Magnus to publically humiliate Bill Gates earlier this spring on a  youtube video that predictably went viral, and then bitch when they couldn’t get any corporate sponsor for Carlsen’s WCC match with Anand. Then they allow BoyWonder to make several anti-Kirsan statements in the press and bitch when Kirsan ONLY puts up 50% of the prize money they were hoping for in his match with Anand…

sem nome











Growth Mindset


Many thanks to wgm Natalia Pogonina for pointing this out on her twitter.  We chessplayers might find this exciting new theory by renown researcher Carol Dweck  of ‘growth mindset’ as a useful way of explaining why and how some chessplayers develop and become so much stronger than others, despite having the same relative backgrounds, same initial talent , same early setbacks and so on.

It has to do with attitude, mostly, and how one faces the natural obstacles and setbacks that accompany the learning process.  If you think you can do it, if you think you can improve your skills and develop talent for something (anything), then you will face the obstacles and challenges that you encounter along the way with a more flexible and productive approach.  But if you think that you only have a certain amount of intelligence , talent and capacity (fixed mindset), then each obstacle and challenge you encounter is simply used to reinforce your idea of your ‘fixed’ limitations.  Very interesting and groundmaking material!



Potpourri and other nonsense


Photo by Chaloner Woods, 1955



Lingerie model Annlee Danels, 1951

Notice that these 1950’s advertisements actually got the board set up correctly!



Must have been a big hit with the girls!



Guess who?  Goldie Hawn, 1964. My god!  She looks like 14 years old…but she is actually 18.


tumblr_na3k7zUUVy1thhqulo1_1280The Stones. They look like modern day choir boys!


tumblr_meo0oxryfx1qa39ano1_1280The good shepherd! A dying profession…




He looks more interested in her CURVES!



Today’s winning pro-Russian Terrorist!


 Meet Tania.  Does she look like a terrorist? She is to Kiev…


“The war was not our initiative. It was forced upon us from the outside. Our choice is peace and realisation of a peaceful plan for Donbas which I suggested back in June,” said Petro Poroshenko.

“It is clear that in the foreseeable future, unfortunately, a constant military threat will hang over Ukraine. And we need to learn not only to live with this, but also to be always prepared to defend the independence of our country,” said Poroshenko.

Monday potpourri and other nonsense


Glamour France December 1993/January 1994  “Londres”   Model: Meghan Douglas  Photographer: Marc Hispard



Wild!  Argentine actress, singer and mistress, Egle Martin  A cigarette and glass of whiskey in one hand…but those eyes and earrings are lethal weapons!


isis-crossing-the-lineNot really a joking matter, this beheading craze, but this is better than simply accepting it.



Photograhper and model unknown.  On the other hand, the centralized formation of White’s pieces gives the impression of a good chess player.  Add the glass of wine, and any hot blooded male would want to jump in and play!



 Borges and Sabato.  Two Argentine literary giants.  Here they seem like chess pieces on a board!

”I believe that truth is perfect for maths, chemistry and philosophy, but not for life. In life, aspiration, imagination, yearning and hope are more important.”--Sabato

Sabato knew what he was talking about.  He studied physics in Paris and at MIT, wrote several important papers on cosmic radiation and returned to Argentina to teach in university.  His political ideas did not find favour in his time,and Sabato was forced out of the university by Peron.




Playing chess at the RAND Corporation. 1958 Photographer: Leonard McCombe  LINK  When I first started playing chess in highschool, this game was introduced and was a popular sideshow for a couple of months.  I even played at home with my brothers.  You need a third person, a sort of arbiter.  Today all I remember is asking ”Any?” at every single move…you only get to see your own pieces and have to guess where the opponent’s pieces are.



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