Today’s chess (?!) video


Here is a VLB  (very low budget) short film by Cassandra Dieguez called ‘Chess’ that  is quite well done and gives food for thought. Chess is a prop, but a very useful prop at that. I like everything about this effort.  Enjoy!

‘Death was first in our world, and next, was Time. The two have been battling for dominance ever since. But, what will happen when the two immeasurable forces finally confront each other in a game of chess?’

Cast: Death: Casey Lue Time: Samantha Banal Pawn: Rachel Rosal Knight: Cassandra Dieguez Screenplay by Cassandra Dieguez

Today’s chess(?!) video



I love this TV-advert for Arla dairy products!  It is so refreshingly original and upbeat. The story line is about a youngster who wants to become the best chess player the world has ever known.  In order to develop his skills to be good enough to take on the best player in the world, he must first go on a great quest/journey around the world. Some of the scenes are precious!  Produced by Charlotte Raven.


Where does milk come into this story?  It is pretty obvious…Arla is Scandanavia’s largest dairy producer with billions of dollars of revenue.  Arla also has an English subsidary that employs 3000 and year to year revenue of almost 2 billion euros.



Edward Winter: Hermit of Geneva

One of the most interesting sites dedicated to chess history is Edward Winter‘s CHESS HISTORY. Below is a short video dedicated to Winter, apparently by his fans.  I recommend readers to visit his site from time to time if you are interested in the historical veracity of much of the myth of the Golden Age of chess…I visit it regularly.

My only complaint about Winter’s site is the constant abuse and misuse of copyright. Is it normal for historians to copyright everything that they uncover in old magazines and newspapers?  I hope not.  It seems very much to me that historians should not copyright history, if for no other reason than just as a question of principle. The past is a part of our shared heritage and does not belong to anyone in particular.  But that is only my opinion….


Today’s chess(?!) video




The original version of ‘The Thomas Crown Affair‘ (1968, Norman Jewison) probably has the BEST romantic chess scene of any Hollywood film ever made. Mega-stars Steve McQueen and Faye Dunaway face each other over the board as adversaries. Everything is brilliantly done, the careful attention to details, the flirtatious hand  movements, the quick glances, the seductiveness…AMAZING.

I have seen the film over and over again, and being a chessplayer, the chess scene is the best part, clearly.  Here is that exact segment of the film with a different music than in the film.  The song/music is by Beth Hart and Joe Bonamassa: If I tell you I love you.  I tell you, honestly, I love the scene even more because of it!  ENJOY! (Thx, Errol!)





Beth Hart was born in the US in 1972. Her first album with Bonamassa, Don’t Explain, went gold in The Bongo. In 2014 Hart was nominated for a Grammy Award for Seesaw and she was also nominated for a Blues Music Award in the category ‘West Contemporary Blues Female Artist’.

Joe Bonamassa, was born in the US in 1977. Guitarist, singer and songwriter, Joe opened for B.B.King when only 12 years old!  In the past 13 years he produced not less than 15 solo albums.

Here is the song that Errol considers the best effort by Hart and Bonamassa.  ENJOY!

Saturday’s chess (?!) video


MaMA is a successful advertising business based in Brisbane, Australia, specializing in properties, using traditonal and digital techniques.


At MaMA we implement traditional and digital media to persuade customers to buy your product as opposed to your competitors. We are in the persuasion business. The business of selling products for clients…we provide specialist marketing services for Property Developers throughout Australia, including overarching brand identities, strategic advertising and promotional campaigns via both traditional and digital advertising platforms. Our inbound marketing activities are honed, comprehensive business plans designed to generate sales enquiries for each individual project´-‘

Below is a really cool video, using chess, where MAMA promotes itself and its best qualities.  Really well done!

Amusing, witty and fun…



Since coffee is such a big part of this blog, I thought I would share the following little gem called ‘Coffee with Jim’ about two young adults meeting over coffee, probably for the first time, after having met up via the social media.  ENJOY!




Taras Lavren, produced and directed the above film.



Chris Gilmore wrote the above screen play.



Sarah Marchand is a Canadian actress

‘Sarah Marchand is an MA graduate from the University of Toronto’s Centre for Drama, Theatre and Performance Studies. She hold a BFA in Theatre Performance and Honours English Literature from Concordia University and is the 2013 recipient of the Hnatyshyn Foundation’s Emerging. Artist Grant in English Theatre. As part of her practice-based research, she seeks to explore how the performing arts respond to an increasingly digitized age. Other performance interests include Peking Opera, Elizabethan theatre and contemporary Canadian works.’  LINK


You might also be interested in visiting Sarah’s website

Today’s chess (?!) video


Souls in Stereo is a Canadian rock band based in Vancouver. Recently they released ‘Live Down’ and have put the video (below) on Vimeo and YouTube.  You can also follow the band on FACEBOOK.


Apart from some really great music and lyrics in Live Down, the chess-imagery alone qualifies this item for today’s blog.Enjoy!



Souls in Stereo are: David Van Andel – Guitars;  Cory Davis – Drums; Bruce Windsor – Vocals; Troy Gangness – Bass

‘Having met the organic way – at a local jam party, the chemistry was immediate. Songs started pouring out almost effortlessly. While trying to stay true to the open and organic feel of the music, we slowly started crafting the ideas into songs.

We all feel strongly that modern music has lost something over the years, with music being over produced and over polished at times, we are steadily trying to re-capture the live feel of a rock and roll band, and a genre that is slowly slipping away. You might hear influences of 70’s and mid 90’s rock music in our sound, with loud guitars, quiet guitars, and performance mistakes all in their glory.

We hope you enjoy.’