Chess, cinema and what not…

Dracula versus Frankenstein

Bela Lugosi and Boris Karloff play a chess game, reminiscent of their match in The Black Cat, in an episode of the Hollywood newsreel series ”Screen Snapshots” (1934).



“The Black Cat is a 1934 horror film that became Universal Pictures’ biggest box office hit of the year. The picture was the first of eight movies (six of which were produced by Universal) to pair actors Béla Lugosi and Boris Karloff. Edgar G. Ulmer directed the film, which was also notable for being one of the first movies with an almost continuous music score. Lugosi also appears in a 1941 film with the same title.” (wiki)




My inspiration for this item is drived from today’s entry in the great blog  DELUDOSCACHORUM. The above photo of Deanna Lund  is taken from  Season 2 (Episode 4)  of the 1960’s hit THE LAND OF THE GIANTS.

Entitled  DEADLY PAWN, the earthlings are forced to play a game of chess with a demented industrialist. This episode aired on October 12, 1969. I actually remember seeing this (!)


Chess Giants.png


Deanna Lund (born 1937) is a real stunner!


Chess and other nonsense



The following is a cute commercial using a game of chess. I think it is excellent, the producer clearly understands that chess has negative qualities as a spectator sport, and he uses this exactly to promote his product.  Enjoy!


The following is based on ‘pre-set’ chess, not such a bad idea in itself.  With this chess set you will never lose a piece, and never have to set up the board again!



I have already written about CHESS  in Taipei.




LINK   I think that chess as an educational tool has its days counted.  Not so much because playing chess is not good for developing children, but because pushy parents and even pushier chess-promoters have not done their science properly.  It is now becoming clear that the chess community has over-estimated the game’s intrinsic qualities as related to the thinking process.  Besides, they have not properly defined what is ”smart”, and have based their ‘sell’ on loose and imprecise concepts that do not meet with rigorous scientific criteria.

Chess Penis.png


Today’s chess(?!) video



A short film by award-winning director Jack Yonover and Solomon Podorovsky, both of ‘That Bites’ fame.  Both Jack and Solomon are young teenagers!


The film below, called “En Passant”,  is their most recent effort and explores the lives of two very different kids, with strong relationships with their parents. As they endure similar struggles, they unexpectedly become friends, as mirrored through a game of chess. Sad at places, beautifully choreographed and staged.

Today’s chess(?!) videos


Good morning, Friday! I want to show you the trailer for a theatrical play called ‘Checkmate: love, forgive, forget‘ by Raffael Albarran, that will be shown tonight at El Barrio  (and tomorrow evening, also) in NYC.  BUT first, I got a big laugh out of this next little video, and I think you will also. It is a spoof on how so often we see chess used in films, commercials and ad-campaigns where the board is set up incorrectly, or something similar that indicates that no one involved in the project knows anything about the game. ENJOY!



Checkmate Theatre


Today’s chess(?!) videos


Good Monday morning to all of my readers!  Keeping with this blog’s tradition of promoting chess-art thru the divulgation of short films/videos that have some sort of chess(?!) content while delivering the film’s message, I present a few shorts that I came across this past weekend.  ENJOY!








Little girl lost in the city. She doesn’t understand the traffic. But one day she probably will or can the things change ?  DEEP question for the philosophers…


Today’s chess(?!) video


An oldie but goodie from the early part of the 20th century.  ENJOY!

”Betty, the black queen, is paired off with “King Cole,” the black king, who is none other than the long-nosed, big-chinned guy with the big round forehead who was her royal mate in “Mask-A-Raid.” Bimbo is the white king, and Koko plays a white chessman of uncertain affinity. As the white king, Bimbo is all white, including his ears and other parts of him that are usually black.

One of the few Betty Boop cartoons that Betty doesn’t do any singing. She does a little “Rah-rah” cheer but not enough to say it’s a song. Typical Fleischer stuff, Betty is accosted by the black king and Bimbo comes to her rescue. Most of the action takes place on a giant surreal chessboard.

Classic cartoons from the early 20th century until about 1950, and classical music, early jazz and blues, some mountain music and children’s tunes. Everything here is child safe and child approved. We have just about every animated movie short there is available on the internet. They come from DePatie-Freleng and all their friends including Pink Panther, Ant and the Aardvark, Looney tunes, the Inspector and Merrie Melodies. There’s Fable Studios, Harvey Entertainment, Henson Studios, Hugh Harmon Productions, Ub Iwerks Studios, Chuck Jones, Van Beuren, United Artists, Columbia, Walt Disney Studios, Famous Studios, Filmation Studios, Fleischer Studios, Fox Studios, Hanna-Barbera, MGM Studios, Paramount Studios, Universal Studios and Warner Bros. Studios.

Characters?? There are all to many to list here and do them any justice. If you can think of a character that has its origins in American Animation History, we either have it or we can find it. Some cartoon videos are gone forever, however, many that have that same character in a staring role are available. All you have to do is drop us a line, and we will do our best to locate it.

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Today’s chess(?!) videos


It’s your lucky day! What follows is a potpourri of chess-related videos that I found on the net today.  ENJOY!

 Cute nail-polish commercial!


No, this is not about these two elderly gentlemen playing chess in a Cafe, but instead it is about that beautiful blonde in the background…ENJOY!


‘This music video we produced for latvian smart rock band- UpSent. Director- Evgeny Kobzev, Producer Vadim Medvedev, D.O.P. -Alexander Grebnev, additional footage- Mitch Martinez. Colorist – Ritvars Lasmanis’-on vimeo



Fianchetto Couture.  FACEBOOK  Fianchetto Couture™ is the United Kingdom’s first aparrel label combining the beauty, art and sophistication of Chess with fashion. Launches any day now!