Today’s chess (?!) video



Maybe not really about chess, but a musical track with a name like ‘MIND FIELD’ and the associated video–released only this week–playfully choreographed by the sensual Janine Proost over a LARGE chess set, this certainly qualifies for my blog! Video by a really great team of Jan Schöttler and Dave Goodall. Cinematography: Christian Huck



“Mind Field” is a heavy on the drums (as you would expect), and with atmospheric, soulful, vocal samples that get your mind floating throughout the just over four minute excursion. The organ and synth stabs touch you just in the right place, plus the various percussion included give it a huge ‘cinematic soul’ feel. Drop has dug deep on this effort, and while others were doing something else, Jonny Drop was quietly making beats from his extensive vinyl record collection in his London flat. That quiet beat making has lead to this very release, which we think is brilliant. A back drop for a film or soundtrack to your daily life, Jonny Drop’s beats are proof that records can change the way you listen to music. A string here, some harmony there, a drum beat, organ part or vocal snippet, they all fit together nicely to make something beautiful when put together.”




The musician: Jonny Drop.  TWITTER   FACEBOOK  WEBSITE


The dancer: Janine Proost BLOG  INTERVIEW  Janine grew up in the Netherlands and in 2010 moved to Melbourne, where she continues to dance, teach and learn.

Today’s creative dance video





One of my fav’s!  Giorgia Bovo, a brilliant NYC-based dancer/choreographer of Italian origin, recently had an operation on one of her knees, effectively putting her out of active duty for about 6 to 8 weeks. Unable to remain inactive for so long, the young dancer created an amazingly original project called ‘The Recovery Dances‘ where each week she showcases some of her artistic skills that do not depend on her knee:

 ‘I am a dancer who is recovering from knee surgery (arthroscopy for meniscal tear). The recovery process from the procedure usually takes 6-8 weeks. I am not capable to avoid dancing for all this time, so I decided to make movements in a less traditional way, without risking to slow down healing, and to make a dance journal about my recovery. I called it: The Recovery Dances.

This week the subject has to do with Giorgia from afar, from a vantage point. Appropriately called ‘Bird’s eye view’.  By the way, I have a permanent link of Giorgia’s links on my side bar.  Pay her a visit!