The importance of symbols…






Time is 17:45 (London time) and NOT a single major US news service has carried the US Team’s success in Baku two days ago , since the NY Times’ controversial article depicting the US Team’s victory as due to ”imported talent”. (READ: mercenaries or “hired help”)


As I have tried to explain in yesterday’s blog (and here with the ‘flag’ omission), the reasons are more complicated than just one article in the NY Times.  True, the US Team was a PR disaster at the closing ceremony and definitely deserves to be criticized for this.  But there is something, obviously, very wrong with chess in America.  If all you do is listen to Susan Polgar, Maurice Ashley and Yasser Seirawan–as eloquent they can all be–then you will probably end up understanding nothing about American chess’ problems.

On the otherhand, most countries would be happy to have American Chess’ problems, especially because of Rex Sinquefield, who has single handedly sponsored America chess for a number of years now.  Now if only we could convince him to move to Canada…

Sunday surfing…

Following up on last Thursday’s surfing (which got over 50,000 views), today I move in a completely different direction on the ‘net and find a lot of inspiration. Potpourri, nonsense, trying to be serious (at times!), and so on. It is the ‘net.  It takes us places and is an adventure. All that is required is to have an open mind…Enjoy!

Surfing Trump’s America

Just surfing the ‘net soaking up inspiration. Like when Trump says ”Fuck you, Hillary!”…now THAT is inspiring! (Imagine if you or I said that to the most powerful BITCH in the world.)  Inspiration never comes cheap…ENJOY!

Riding the ‘net; survival guide

Black/W photos (Pt. I), Web-surfing, philosophy and nonsense!