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Coffee addicts like us don’t need to be more convinced that coffee is a good thing, but it is always satisfying when positive articles like THIS appear!  Or this one, which appeared in the NewYorkTimes yesterday:




Photo by Nick Koudis

I know that I can go a day without coffee. But why should I?  Besides, my coffee loves me…



Just got back home from my trip to Cappelle la Grande!  The 32nd edition of anything is remarkable, but in the chess world it is an EXTRAORDINARY accomplishment.


Cappelle 2016  photos by Gilles Garrigues (Download link)

Started way back in 1985 when France was just another banana-republic chess country with no GMs of its own–inspite of Boris Spassky living there–it was precisely the vision and the passionate devotion of organizers like those in Cappelle la Grande that turned France into the power-house that it is today in the chess world, with not less than 49 GMs



Just a small part of the volunteer team that has made Cappelle the success it is today.


The political will that is necessary to keep the tradition going…


and World Class arbiters!





bernie sanders

A photo of presidential candidate Bernie Sanders back in October 2014 playing chess!  

”He was in a low-ceilinged room Thursday evening in Champlain College’s Hauke Family Campus Center along with 30 or so politicians, family members, college students and elementary school kids. Cameras flashed.

 This was no town hall meeting or (not-yet-a) presidential campaign stop for the two-term senator, however. It was a chess match against Vermont’s lone national chess master, David Carter, and Sanders’ pawns were being knocked off like his political challengers in the Green Mountain State.

 Half an hour later: “We are in a lot of trouble,” Sanders uttered with a bit less verve to his grandson, whom he’d recruited for help…” READ MORE HERE.







While we are on the subject of BEANS, my Canadian readers might get a kick out of this.  Ottawa chess amateur Neil Frarey (whose exclusive list of talents once included being a DJ at a well known Ottawa brothel; he also is an excellent male pole dancer-see below) is thinking of making a comeback to the online Canadian chess community:

‘Hi Kevin, Neil here.
After a healthy & wealthy sojourn from organizing chess enthusiasts …I have returned.  I’ve brought together a core group of chess enthusiasts, some professional chess players, some not, Society Of Chess Aficionados we are known as.
Your blog is the 1st innerwebs local I thought suitable to publicly dropped our url … just ’cause bro, just ’cause. Anywho, hope all is well with you & yours.
Ciao bella,
Neil Frarey´







From what I can gather, Gulnigar Nurhikim is a talented youngster who is an aspiring film director/actress/writer and is currently studying film making at Emory University. Below is one of her first efforts, and it is pretty good.  ENJOY!



According to wiki, ‘Waackingis a form of dance created in the LGBT clubs of Los Angelesduring the 1970s disco era. Waacking consists of moving the arms to the music beat, typically in a movement of the arms over and behind the shoulder. Waacking also contains other elements such as posing and footwork... 

Dancer -the lovely and talented TITO (Olga Titova, Russia, Novosibirsk). Music – Martin Solveig – Jealousy Camera&Edit – GELKAEVSKA


You can also visit the Vimeo channel: link to find tons of other cool stuff.  When the twerking craze began a couple of years ago, Gelkaevska also produced some viral videos…




Following up on a January 2016 blog article that I published from WCF champion Stan Vaughan, today I received the following blurb that was cc’d  to–amongst others–Raymond Keene.  I have to confess that I have no idea what is really going on, other than it relates to the sanctions by the US Treasury against FIDE prez Kirsan Ilyumzhinov, billionaire Rex Sinquefield (the money bag of Gary Kasparov) , the WCF and zillions of dollars of disputed assets.

(If you can figure this out, then please let me know! TopLeft to R: Stan,Kirsan and Rex. Bottom Kasparov and his better half)

‘Recently due to Executive Order 13582 supplement vs FIDE President Kirsan Ilyumzhinov seizing any and all assets that he controls which includes all WCF lawsuits vs FIDE as they are prohibited from doing business in USA due to Ilyumzhinov’s doing business illegally with Assad,  34 trademarks and assets  and other assets all chess related will now be sold by US Bankruptcy Trustee

Some 500 million plus in mostly trademark assets will be sold.

The initial stalking horse bidder which must be matched with minimum 225,000 bid is Rex Sinquefield billionaire who attempted to win office with Kasparov.

Inquiries must be directed asap  to: Trustee, Yvette Weinstein, Trustee, 6450 Spring Mountain Road #14, Las Vegas, NV 89146


ps: Raymond please give widest publicity ASAP as those in England may wish to not let  Sinquefield steal these valuable assets on the cheap.




paul morphy

Meanwhile, back in the USA…


My readers who have been following the legal struggles of Stan Vaughan’s WCF versus FIDE, as well as against the popular St.Louis zillionaire Sinquefield, will be interested in this latest desperate call to arms by Stan Vaughn…part of what follows might seem incoherent, but please try to understand the state of mind of our friend Stan as he fights as a single individual against a man with UNLIMITED financial resources…


”I dropped by the new motion where by a so called STALKING HORSE AGREEMENT the billionaire is trying since he knows the WCF has not counsel , to expand and consider all assets  estimated at 20 million to consider no  profits assets as part of my personal estate and paid the trustee $225,000 to pay off my $8,200 IRS debt and keep all WCF assets worth 20 million including Federal trademarks etc World Chess Federation, World Series of Chess, Trademarks World Chess Federation hall of fame, , World Correspondence Chess Federation Trademark The World ChessChampionship, Trademark the World Chess Champion, Trademark Chess the World’s pastime. Trademark Fischer and etc etc etc


Today I received a new filing motion  against World Chess Federation, Inc which  everyone must be made aware of.

Because in the Federal case and also the adversary proceeding as an aside in my personal Federal bankruptcy case  WCF had the Williamson law firm close down law practice  despite contract with WCF and now she has moved to Long Beach CALIF and opened up new law practice WCF has defaulted due to being a corporation not having legal counsel of record. While normally one gets up to one year to vacate a default, the billionaire Sinquefield  has initiated  a new motion


They have refiled an amended complaint once again in the hopes WCF does not obtain counsel to defend the new motion says that althoughmy bankruptcy had creditors of $11,200 IRS and one other which was dismissed due to not receiving consideration leaving simply an alleged $8,200 debt to IRS, the new motion says again they wish the courtso consider that WCF is an alter ego of Stan Vaughan and that all WCF assets should be turned over to the bankrupt estate to pay the $8,200 to the IRS. To get the Trustee to make the motion the Sinquefield billionaire made a purchase agreement paying  $225,000 to buy all assets of my estate which they will then pay off the $8,200 to IRS


Rex Sinquefield

They hope WCF does not contest motion to be heard Feb 24 and list 34 trademark assets etc of WCF which they wish the courts to consider as belonging to Stan Vaughan not WCF. They estimate the trademarks etc and assets of WCF are actually worth some 5 to 20 million and request right of first refusal to match any bids at requested public auction.

Just like Siquefield got 100 million in Fischer assets from the purchase of his California storage unit for 3,0000 items for only 67,000 in bid process they have put up $225,000 min bid


They wish the court to consider World Chess Federation Federal Trademark  (2) World Series of Chess (3) The World Chess Championship ((4) The World Chess Champion)(5)  World Chess Federation hall of fame

(6) World Correspondence Chess Federation (7) Fischer (8) Chess the World’s Pastime)  and 26 other trademarks and etc to be sold as belonging NOT to WCF but as  by default  part instead of Stan vaughan bankrupt estate

The implication is that Sinquefield sees by their view these assets worth between 5 million and 20 million dollars they also wish to take over the WCF fed Case against FIDE as they also know the new Obama excuitive order prevents FIDE from litigating  in US Federal courtshere they will win on default on behalf of WCF against FIDE and take over the 1 billion chess players worldwide market. The implicatyions are immense in that FIDE takes in 75 million a year at present and allows a Kasparov/Sinquefield WCF to  take over world chess market by stealing all these assets through legal trickery.


I have repeatedly warned. I have turned these motions over to David POtto law firm of Las Vegas as a last ditch effort to get WCF legal counsel and vacate defaults and continue fight. I have done all I can to warn everyone of potenial consequences, worth etc.”

World Chess Federation, Inc.

c/o Stan Vaughan

2533 East Palmera Drive

Las Vegas, Nevada 89121-4021

Monday potpourri

Women on the Street from the late 1960s to early 1970s (7) (1)

A vintage photo taken sometime in the ’60’s or early ’70s. (Click on photo to enlarge) But it could be today…a modern, hip coffee shop like the tens of thousands that have sprung up in recent times as coffee becomes a drink for the young…




Everyone in the chess world, it seems, was talking about the incredible game 6 double-blunder over the weekend between Carlsen and Anand. Even Kasparov joined the chorus with his insight…



But probably the most curious insight was given by Stan Vaughan, the current World Champion of FIDE’S rival organization, WCF 



The FIDE match is a JOKE!  Anand had easy win.

I saw 26…Nxe5 today in Game 6 and game is over pretty much with Anand taking match lead instead he misses it because of fast time control (though I saw it if no one else did) and Carlsen wins after Anand blunder Anand says he is playing like a six year old. No the problem is fast time controls are making a farce of this whole match…

If 26…Nxe5 27 Rxg8 Nxc4+ CHECK28 Kd3 and Anand gets away now with Nb2 CHECK followed by retaking Rook on g8

Stan Vaughan; WCF “The World Chess Champion”






The immensely popular Emma Evins is currently in Singapour, probably on a promotional tour. The young pornstar is trying to give porn a good name!  She might succeed…






Gary Kasparov has a GREAT job!  All he has to do is make up Putin-stories and repeat them hour after hour, whether he is giving an interview or in a crowd. Not nearly as interesting as playing chess, but certainly MUCH better paid!  It makes me wonder if Kasparov will ever come back to chess…he still must be VERY strong. Perhaps when he is rich enough…

Occasionally I get reader mail from die-hard Kasparov-fans who must think that I am pro-Putin. Nonsense, ofcourse!  I am not pro or anti anything to do with Russia.  All this is none of my business. It is Kasparov who is passionate (fanatical) about such things…after all, he is a Russian citizen–but it appears that simply NOT agreeing with Garry is enough to get branded ‘pro’ Putin!

As Karpov has pointed out in a recent (2013) interview, Kasparov sees the world in Black and White. So must his die-hard fans. Ofcourse, while I consider all of Kasparov’s ranting about Putin to be nonsense, I do RESPECT Kasparov for having the COURAGE to do what he does.  It is a very dangerous thing to do in times like this…especially for a former member of the ALL-POWERFUL Communist Party of the USSR.



It did not take long to strike a nerve!  I just received this email. Now I know how Nigel Short felt when smut-faced pro-Anand fans started to try to shut him up…ENJOY!




WCF wins US lawsuit against FIDE!



Stan Vaughan, WCF president and holder of the World Championship title, let it be known publically yesterday that his WCF had won a federal court lawsuit against FIDE.  Readers of this blog might want to refresh the details of this case.



Stan has good reason to be pleased!



When pressed for specifics, Stan was very helpful:


”To try to make this as simple as possible FIDE loses all 6  USA trademarks cancelled for fraud.


Since FIDE  was simply a rico controlled organization controlled through vote bribery by Ilyumzhinov and did not have legal status in Switzerland as FIDE is not incorporated anywhere in the world, unlike WCF,  they had  paid a Norwegian lawyer Morten Sand to be a shill  registering trademarks and falsely saying that Morten Sand was owner of all trademarks and filing an intent to use in future application to use said trademarks. However Sand is now Kasparov and Sinquefield’s legal advisor.

Problem is in licensing the trademarks FIDE had a contract with the Globval Chess LLC Ilyumzhinov controls in Dubai with said contract acknowledging Sand did not really own the trademarks but simply registering on FIDE’s behalf. Thus the application was fraudulent and subject to cancelation as Sand never intended to ever use the trademarks and license to FIDE no such licensing agreement existing.


Furthermore on the other hand any claim to be a non profit association does not fly as FIDE statutes limit membership to only ONE member in any country whereby all countries in world require at least TWO members in said country  to have a voluntary “association” even if  not incorporated. FIDE had done this so they can not be sued only officers in their home country such as in Kalmykia.

But it backfires  as conversely they do not have legal standing to sue if they can not be used. In short FIDE structure as at present is what is preventing western corporations from dealing with FIDE mafia group as  potential large sponsors will not deal with a shady group who can not be sued if terms of sponsorship are not met. Who in their right mind will deal and sponsor  such an organization???

Herein lies THE problem of chess sponsorship in the western world and why only incorporation as Fischer’s WCF did will work in obtaining eventually significant sponsors. WCF defeat of FIDE and settling certain issues opens the door to real sponsorship of worldwide chess events without depending on dictators and money laundering…..or having a situation whereby one person Kasparov destroyed PCA by violating Intel sponsorship agreement by playing IBM computer in violation of sponsorship agreement with a computer related company leading to Intel pulling sponsorship of PCA.”

Update on WCF vs FIDE lawsuit



Stan Vaughan writes this morning to inform me of the progress in his $5-billion lawsuit in America against FIDE:


”An order has been issued in the WCF (World Chess Federation) vs FIDE (International Chess Federation) lawsuit in America regarding FIDE’s infringements including attempting to sell a digital chess clock purporting to be the official chess clock of the World Chess Federation, and other counterfeit products.

Eventual damages caused by FIDE are alleged to be 5 billion US

Stan Vaughan, WCF “The World Chess Champion”





For my readers, background information can be found on previously published blog articles (this year)  HERE, HERE AND HERE The WCF’s case against FIDE is essentially of unlawful trademark infringement.  The legal papers filed can be downloaded at the first link given.


FIDE, or Fédération internationale des échecs, was formed in 1924 in Paris.  At the time, the World Championship title belonged to the holder, was his personal property and right, and had nothing to do with FIDE or within FIDE’s jurisdiction.  When Alekhine died, FIDE assumed ownership of the title, but there is doubt that FIDE actually filed the required legal documents in order to do this. Fast forward to Bobby Fischer, the official World Chess Champion, and who was subsequently recognized as such by the US Congress, questions of FIDE’s claim on the world title began to be raised.  Stan Vaughan formed his WCF (World Chess Federation) in the midst of this confusion, and just last month filed a 5-billion dollar lawsuit against FIDE.




As can be seen by the logo above , used by FIDE, the term ‘World Chess Federation’ is NOT  a direct translation of  Fédération internationale des échecs, nor anything close.  FIDE translates, into english:  International Chess Federation.  It will be curious to see how this plays out in court in America.  I will keep readers up to date as things develop…


Monday Coffee



Good morning, Monday!  I trust everyone had a fine weekend. First, some numbers.  There are 212 days left until January 1st ,2015 , and today is the first of five Mondays this month (!).  This last detail  seems like a bit of a drag, given that Monday’ is everyone’s least popular day of the week…no doubt its for months like this that coffee seems to have been invented.



 click on image to enlarge

I was taking a look at some facts about coffee/caffeine consumption trends in the US and was surprised to learn that the US-per capita doesn’t even rank in the top-15 in the world and that even Canada finds itself higher up on the list.  While today 83% of American adults drink coffee, and that number seems to be growing every year (according to the latest data), the truth is that coffee consumption in the states is less than what it was 65 years ago:

”U.S. coffee consumption peaked 65 years ago, then fell dramatically. From 1946 to 2005, it declined roughly by half, from 46 gallons per person each year to 24 gallons. And despite the abundance of new ways to consume caffeine, we still get most of our caffeine from coffee. Two recent surveys, one by the Food and Drug Administration and one for an industry-backed research group, show that coffee accounts for two-thirds of the caffeine in the American diet.

As coffee drinking fell, soft drink consumption surged, rising from 11 gallons per person annually in 1947 to 51 gallons in 2005. But, with their lower caffeine content, soft drinks have not replaced the caffeine we’ve dropped from our diets by drinking less coffee.”



Food for thought, no doubt, but Americans today are seemingly willing to pay more for their coffee than ever before, and the market for coffee is making phenomenal gains amongst the younger crowds, thanks not just to a more generalized move away from alcohol and recreational drugs, but because coffee is HIP and SEXY!



“Life is a beautiful and endless journey in search of the perfect cup.”

― Barbara A. Daniels




Both the incumbent FIDE prez Kirsan Ilyumzhinov and his challenger Garry Kasparov have been very busy as the final countdown  approaches the August FIDE presidential elections in Norway. While both gentlemen have been spending millions of dollars trying to capture votes, there should be little doubt in anyone’s mind that Kasparov is still the under dog and remains so despite having started his election campaign late last year.


Last time around, in 2010, the Karpov-Kasparov duo lost terribly to the popular incumbent, amassing only 55 votes to Kirsan’s 95. In the 4-years since, Kirsan has not encountered any real scandal or annoying set back. Almost all of the top players respect his efforts and achievements. The reality is that the chess world finds FIDE running like a well oiled machine. Just last month the ‘official’ count was 55 countries supporting Kirsan and only 22 supporting Kasparov.  




True, there is a conspicuous lack of interest from corporate sponsors for FIDE’s top events–and this is very painful–but this is also Kasparov’s reality and his being elected is not likely to change that at all.  With the controversial experiences of INTEL and IBM in the 1990’s, Kasparov was not even able to find sufficient interest in sponsors for his match with Shirov.  Today chess is a dirty word in corporate circles… while Kasparov has been successful in recent times in raising money from private sources for himself and his particular political agenda, socially-responsible corporate sponsors aren’t likely to want to get involved in controversy.



So where does this leave the Kasparov campaign today?  Unless some major scandal strikes Kirsan in coming weeks and alienates him from his electorate,  the incumbent’s lead over Kasparov will be decisive.  In the past week there have been some signs that Kasparov’s supporters are wanting to take the gloves off, but no damage has been done.  Mutual accusations of vote-buying and insinuations of the existence of millions of dollars of slush-funds are no longer the news-grabbing headlines of the past.  Besides, two things are very certain:  ONE, as the election will be a secret-ballot, there can be no way to be 100% certain of what one is buying, and TWO, Kirsan has deeper pockets than Kasparov and company.




How will Ireland vote in Norway?  Kirsan was campaigning in Ireland a couple of days ago.  This follows Kasparov’s April visit.  


The FIDE president’s visit was not as well planned/organized as was his challenger’s, but Kirsan excells in low-key visits, portraying himself as a very different person from what his detractors like to do.


In Ireland Kirsan said that he was on friendly terms with Kasparov–and considered him a friend–but admitted that perhaps this was not a mutual feeling.


Puerto Rico swings away from Kasparov


The America’s are likely to vote overwhelmingly for Kirsan, probably even more than originally expected.  Last month the number circulating was 29-5 in Kirsan’s favor, but with bad press and rumors of heavy-handed campaigning by Kasparov’s supporters, this was always a danger to happen.  Just this past Thursday Puerto Rico voted in favour of supporting Kirsan.


Apparently Kasparov interrupted his campaign and flew to Puerto Rico to attend the decisive meeting.  ”Kasparov arrived in San Juan in time for a General Assembly meeting of the National Chess Federation, during which the members of the Federation were to make the choice: which of the FIDE Presidential candidate to support in the upcoming election in Tromsø. The result: 66 – 42 for the incumbent FIDE President Kirsan Ilyumzhinov – a bitter defeat for Kasparov.

According to witnesses, the news of his defeat in Puerto Rico came as a harsh blow to the 13th World Chess Champion, who left the room in an extremely upset state, slamming the door behind him.”

So far this news has not been reported on Kasparov’s campaign website.




More on WCF  taking FIDE to court



Stan Vaughan writes that the US Federal Court has set the following deadlines in the World Chess Federation, Inc (headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada) versus FIDE 5 billion US $ in potential damages lawsuit. FIDE has been given a deadline of July 7 to respond to the 163 page lawsuit as follows:

Time to Answer 7/7/2014/Deadline for Discovery Conference 8/6/2014/Discovery Opens 8/6/2014/Initial Disclosures Due 9/5/2014 /Expert Disclosures Due 1/3/2015/Discovery Closes 2/2/2015/Plaintiff’s Pretrial Disclosures 3/19/2015/Plaintiff’s 30-day Trial Period Ends 5/3/2015 /Defendant’s Pretrial Disclosures 5/18/2015/Defendant’s 30-day Trial Period Ends 7/2/2015 /Plaintiff’s Rebuttal Disclosures 7/17/2015/Plaintiff’s 15-day Rebuttal Period Ends 8/16/

sem nome

FIDE is accused of  attempting noncompete contracts attempting to prohibit FIDE World Cup participants from playing in WCF events; RICO activities, violation of Sherman and Clayton Anti-Monopoly acts; infringing on WCF trademarks, including attempting to market  chess clocks as “official chess clocks of World Chess Federation” vioilating WCF’s Federal registered trademark 3695083 among other trademarks.

Jurisdiction was granted over FIDE due to FIDE attempting to register unlawfully trademarks in the USA that violate WCF trademarks.  (For those interested in this historic lawsuit, you can download the text of the lawsuit, minus the 140 pages of exhibitions, HERE.)



More on TRADEMARK infringement


(Click on image to enlarge)

Recently I seem to be the only credible blog in the world to cover Stan Vaughan’s crusade against the unlawful use by FIDE of trademarks that do NOT belong to FIDE. Probably because most other non-American bloggers think it is just a JOKE.  But I,  being born in Canada and knowing reasonably well how American law works, REALIZE that Stan Vaughan’s WORLD CHESS FEDERATION has a VERY good case and probably a winning position! And it is likely going to cost FIDE a lot more than anyone imagines…unless FIDE comes to some kind of agreement with Stan Vaughan and the WCF.



As described in earlier blog posts (HERE AND HERE) , Stan Vaughan’s WCF owns the world wide rights to the title and use of the term ‘World Chess Championship”.  Stan has NOT given FIDE nor anyone else the rights to use this term, and as a result the number of embarrassing incidents of others using Stan’s trademark is beginning to multiply…


Magnus Carlsen 2012

Carlsen caught between FIDE and the WCF.  As a result, until this despute gets settled, Carlsen can NOT call himself ‘The World Champion’ but  must instead call himself the ‘FIDE World Champion’ 





Earlier today Stan sent me this latest update/email.  Remember that  just last week Amazon decided to side with Stan’s WCF and banned the sale of all books/equipment that used the unauthorized term ‘The World Championship’.  This means that not even the USCF can sell any such products in the ‘states!


sem nome


”Note below another company banned from selling FIDE clocks here in USA on Amazon over false claim of being official chess clocks of World Chess Federation. Previously DGT, FIDE, Chess Central and House of Staunton received bans.



Subject: trademark infringement of World Chess Federation, Inc trademark

Date: Sun, 25 May 2014 12:40:52 +0100

Dear Sir/Madam

I would firstly like to apologize for any property rights violation, as it was never my intention to violate any policy.

I have reviewed my inventory of the items which violate your rights and have found a mistake in our inventory upload file.

Some of our inventory items were listed with incorrect Amazon Asins(Product Codes) which correspond to yours. I have mixed up the Asins with other completely unrelated products I sell.

I do not hold any stock of, or sell, nor have I ever sold any of the items referred to.

I have taken immediate action and corrected the error and these items will be removed from our inventory and not listed again.

I would truly appreciate You letting me know if anything else ever slips through the net, so that it can be rectified immediately.

Should you require anything further please do not hesitate to contact me.

Best Regards




FIDE being sued for $5 billion!!

Trademark violations!


Chess title dynasty: Alexander Alekhine, Bobby Fischer and Stan Vaughan


Stan Vaughan is deadly serious!  And to prove it he has taken FIDE to court, filing the papers earlier this month.  Stan is president and founder of the WORLD CHESS FEDERATION, (WCF), incorporated as a non-profit in Nevada.  When Alekhine died in 1946 FIDE simply assumed that they could take possession of Alekhine’s WORLD CHESS CHAMPIONSHIP title.  Fast forward to Stan Vaughan and his WCF, who/which today LEGALLY OWN the worldwide rights to its name and the worldwide rights to “The World Chess Championship”.


And Stan Vaughan is STANDING UP for his rights, and WINNING too!  Earlier this year Stan forced Apple i-tunes to stop selling an app that indicated that Carlsen was ‘the world chess champion’ and just a little while ago he convinced Amazon to ban selling FIDE chess clocks in the USA. (FIDE had been attempting to sell their clocks in USA as the” official chess clock of the World Chess Federation”)  In addition, Stan writes: ‘Amazon has informed us they are expanding the seller bans for violating WCF trademarks to HOUSE of Staunton as well as US Chess Federation for selling products that violate our World Chess Federation trademark rights.”





Back to the $5,000,000,000 law suit against FIDE, Stan writes:  ‘‘In addition to the violation of WCF trademarks issues, we are also including the issues of illegality of FIDE non compete contracts being required  which violate US Sherman and Clayton anti Trust and anti- Monopoly laws.”


I will keep the readers up to date as this legal case develops.  In the mean time, you can find the link to Stan’s twitter page on the side bar below and follow things yourself.  Good luck!


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