Viktor Gavrikov R.I.P.


29,July 1957-27,April 2016

Sad news of Viktor’s sudden death.  No details yet.  The Lithuanian born grandmaster was Soviet Champion (along with Chernin and M.Gurevich) in 1985, and was runner-up the following year. Winner of numerous international events, he was awarded the GM-title in 1984. He later moved to Switzerland, and finally Bulgaria.  You can read much more at ChessDom.  Apparently Viktor was a noted chess author and trainer. I played Viktor on several occasions, and all of our games were hard fought, uncompromising battles.  (More later)  My condolences to his wife.



(Part I)



Olympiad URS  Moscow  1979  Gavrikov V–Tukmakov V.  19.Bxc6 1-0  After 19…BxB 20.Qc2!  Rc7 (what else?) 20.Qxh7+, 21.Qh8+ and 22.Qxg7 with a huge advantage.

Ch Lithuania Vilnius  1983  Gavrikov V–Mochalov E: 20.Nxd5! Nxd5 21.Rxc5! The whole point. White wins a significant material. 21… Red8 22.Qc4 1-0

Debrecen  1988  Szalanczy E–Gavrikov V: 15.Bxg7!! ( Not 15.exd5? g6 16.Qh6 Ne5 17.f4 Re8! winning ) 15…Qe8 ( 15…Kxg7 loses immediately to 16.Qh6+ Kh8 17.e5 f5 18.g6 etc ) 16.Bf6! 1-0  because of 16…Nxf6 17.gxf6 Bxf6 18.e5

Budapest  1989  Gavrikov V–Bass L: 17.Bxh7+! Kxh7 18.Qh5+ Kg8 19.Qxf7+ Kh7 20.Nxc6 Bxb2 21.Ne7! Qe5 22.Rc5! 1-0  The Black King is cornered and can only avoid mate temporarily by giving up material, starting with the Queen.