Friday’s chess tactics quiz

(Solutions at end. Good luck!)

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1.) Abu Dhabi   2016.8.23 Sadzikowski, Daniel-Banusz, Tamas :  The Black Queen is about to be trapped. 18.Nde7+!  Cutting off the escape route. 18… Nxe7 19.h4!  And no matter how Black plays it, he loses material. 19… Nxf5 20.hxg5 Ne3 21.Qe2 Nxf1 22.Bxe6 fxe6 23.Rxf1 Nc7 24.Rxf8+Rxf8 25.e5 d5 26.c3 d4 27.c4 bxc4 28.dxc4 Rd8 29.Qd3 a5 30.Kf1 a4 31.Qe4 d3 32.Ke1 1-0

2.) Barcelona Sants  2016.8.23 Grigoryan, Karen H.-Jakubowski, Krzysztof: 17.Bxf7+  1-0, After 17…Qxf7  18.Rd8+ etc is gory.

3.) Linares 2016.8.21 Garcia Trobat, Francisco–Martin Capitan, Feliciano: 28.Rxg7!  Ofcourse! Black can not recapture because of a check on f8, but now the Black King soon has to  capitulates. 28…Rgd8 29.f6! Qf3 30.Qc2 Mate is inevitable 30… Qh5 31.Qe4 etc. Black resigned a move or two later.

4.) Abu Dhabi  2016.8.24 Lei, Tingjie–Dragun, Kamil:  Ofcourse, Black can just trade everything a win my material force, but he has an elegant tactic that wins a whole Rook. 29…Rd1! 0-1 Ouch

5.) Abu Dhabi  2016.8.23 Vignesh, N R–Derakhshani, Borna: 29.Rd8+!  1-0 Why? Because after 29…RxR 30.e8(Q)! and White comes out a full Rook ahead.

6.) Abu Dhabi   2016.8.22 Melkumyan, Hrant Ravi, Teja S.:  22.Nxh6!  The roof collapses. Taking the Knight would allow 23.Rg3 with immediately fatale consequences. 22… Nf6 23.Nxf7+ Kg8 24.Qg6 Qxd4 25.Be5 Qxh4 26.Rh3 Qc4 27.h6 1-0  I think Black should have resigned a bit before…

7.) Abu Dhabi   2016.8.25 Aradhya, Garg–Tissir, Mohamed: 27.Qb7! Curiously Black is helpless to White’s many threats such as Rc7/c8. 27… b4 28.Be2! b3 29.Bb5 Qe4+ 30.f3 Qb1 31.Rc8+ Kf7 32.Qxd7 1-0

8.) Abu Dhabi   2016.8.25  Wang, Hao-Antipov, Mikhail Al: Black’s last move (33…Rb1) sought to exchange a dangerous attacking piece, but overlooks a cute combination 34.Rxg7+!  It will soon be mate 34… Kxg7 35.Qf7+ Kh6 36.Qf4+ Kh5 37.Qg4+ Kh6 38.Qh4+ 1-0

9.) Abu Dhabi   2016.8.23 Harikrishnan, A. Ra-Illingworth, Max: 31.Be6!! 1-0 Interference theme. Insufficient is 31.Rg5 Rxc4! 32.Rh5 ( 32.Qxh7+ Kxh7 33.Rh5+ Kg6 34.Rg5+ Kh6 35.g8=Q Qxg8 is equal ) Qh3+ =) 1-0

10.) Abu Dhabi   2016.8.23 Savchenko, Boris-Mohammad, Nubairshah Shaikh: 30.Nf6+!  Leads to a forced win 30… gxf6 31.gxf6 Kf8 32.Qg4 Rh1+ 33.Kxh1 Rd1+ 34.Kh2 Qd4 35.Qg7+ Ke8 36.Qg8+ 1-0  Mate is not far off

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