Sunday’s chess tactics quiz!

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Badalona International  2016.8.5  GM Ortiz Suarez, Isan Reynaldo 2564—IM Cruz, Jonathan 2433: Both players missed 28.Bxh6! gxh6 29.Ne3! Qd7 30.Qxb3 when  Black’s game is shattered 

Spain Ch Linares  2016.8.11 GM Narciso Dublan, Marc 2482—IM Gonzalez De La Torre, Santiago 2452: 25…Nxf3!! 26.Qe3! (Taking the Knight loses immediately to Qh3+) Qg4+ 27.Kh1 Rbxf4 and if anyone is better, it is Black 

5th Washington Int  2016.8.13 GM Smirin, Ilia 2687—fm Gauri, Shankar 2346: 16.Nxe6 Bxe6 17.Rxe6! fxe6 ( 17…Qd7 18.Rf6 exf6 19.exf6 ) 18.Bxg6 White all of a sudden has a winning attack on the Kingside. 18… Qc8 19.Qh3! Rf5  There is no good defence  20.Ng3 Ng4 1-0  Without waiting for White’s reply.

5th Washington Int  2016.8.13 GM Sevian, Samuel 2600—fm Wang, Kevin 2339: 22.Ne5!  Decisive shot! dxe5 23.Rxd7 Rxd7 24.Be6!  The pain does not stop!| 24….Rc7 25.Qxe5 Rc6 26.Bd7 1-0

5th Washington Int  2016.8.13  fm Checa, Nicolas 2405– GM Smirin, Ilia 2687: 26.Ba6!!  A deflecting sacrífice. 26…Qxa6 27.Ng5+ 1-0  After 27…King moves 28.RxB! and 29.Rd7+( The point of deflecting in the Queen in the first place)  is curtains.

France Ch  Agen  2016.8.14  IM Jolly, Jean-Francois 2361– GM Bauer, Christian 2620: 32.Ng6+! hxg6 33.Rxf7!! and it is all over as White will open the h-file with devastating effect.

France Ch  Agen  2016.8.13 GM Bauer, Christian 2620—GM Demuth, Adrien 2545:  33.b4! 1-0  Black loses a piece!  After 33…RxR 34.KxR attacking the Book, not leaving time for the Black Knight to escape its fate.

France Ch  Agen  2016.8.13 GM Maze, Sebastien 2627—GM Feller, Sebastien 2602: 40.Rxd8! Rxd8 41.Qb7! Qg8 ( the threat was 42.Nd6 ) and now the simplest way to put Black in Zugzwang is 42.Be4! followed by 43.Bd5  (In the game White played 42.Qxa7 which was also good enough to win in the long run)

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