Monday’s chess tactics quiz!

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ch-GBR  Bournemouth  2016.8.4 Adams, Michael–Gormally, Daniel : 40.Qd3!  1-0  It is easy to overlook this move in time trouble.  The Queen move covers the h7 escape, and there is the crushing threat of Rd8+

ch-ESP Linares  2016.8.5  gm Narciso Dublan, Marc 2482—wfm Buiza Prieto, Eihartze 2085: 22.Nb5! Nxb3 ( The first point is that if 22…Rxb5 23.Qc3+! ) 23.Nxc7 Rxa2 24.Nc3! The second point. Now Black loses a lot of material. 24… Ra3 25.N3b5 1-0  Black is convinced!

ch-ESP Linares  2016.8.7  im Gonzalez De La Torre, Santiago 2452—fm Jimenez Martinez, Jose Vicente 2329: 30.Rxe7+!! Kxe7 (30…Qxe7 31.Qxc8+ Qd8 32.Re1+ etc) 31.Bxc5+ Ke6 (31…Kd8 32.Rd1+) 32.Qb3+ Kd7 ( a bit better, though also ending in mate, is 32…Kf5 33.Qd5+ Be5 34.Rf1+ Kg4 35.Qf3+ Kxh4 36.Qe4+ etc) 33.Qd5+ Ke8 34.Re1+ 1-0

ch-ESP Linares  2016.8.5  im Andres Gonzalez, Alberto 2512–Queirolo Perez, Manuel 2096: 21.Bxe5! dxe5 22.g4!  The point of White’s play. The move cuts off the Queen from defending d7 and wins atleast an Exchange due to the Nf6+ threat. 22… Ng3?! (It is lost anyway, but this tricky move speeds up the process.  A bit better was 22…RxN 23.PxR Nf4 24.e3) 23.Rf2! f5 24.hxg3 and White had no problem picking up the point.  Black resigned on move 34.

4th Sinquefield Cup  2016.8.5 Topalov, V 2761–Svidler, P 2751: 26.Qc3! Nxd4 27.Qxb4 Ne2+ 28.Kh1 1-0  Black will be a piece down after 28…NxR 29.Qb8+! (the move Svidler overlooked in his original calculation) 29…Kh7 30.Qb1+ or 29…Kf7 30.Qxc7+ and 31.QxN

4th Sinquefield Cup  2016.8.6  Vachier-Lagrave, M 2819–Anand, V 2770: 30…Bxe6 31.Bxd5 e3!  Winning a piece in every line! White no doubt overlooked this move. The game continued 32.Bxe3 Bxd5 33.Bxa7+ Kxa7 34.Qf2+ Bc5 35.Qxc5+ Qxc5+ 36.bxc5 Rd7 and Anand had no trouble winning

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