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I was watching TV the other night with my wife, the FOX CRIME channel, in particular the Poirot series and I really enjoyed ‘The Big Four‘, an adaptation of the 1927 Agatha Christie novel which revolved around solving a mystery that began with a chess match at which one of the grandmaster’s died unexpectedly while playing his third move:

1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 Nc6 3.Bb5 (opponent suddenly keels over and dies)  0-1

July28 - 1.png

I have to say that I really enjoyed it, descriptive notation and all! Infact, fate would have it that I have recently been watching a lot of oldish films where chess is an integral part of the plot. Is it just my imagination, or can it be true that chess has always been part of Hollywood?  (Food for thought for a later blog?!)



Deadlier than the Male is a 1967 mystery drama that might be considered something of a James Bond-ripoff that apparently was all the rage back then.


You can actually find the entire film over at YouTube, and a short synopsis can be found HERE.


But the best part of the film (for me) is a scene near the end where the film’s star and his arch-rival settle things once and for all in a GIANT ROBOT chess game:





I have been trying to find out more of this photo of a young Jane Seymour, but without success so far.  Readers might remember Jane as being a Bond-girl back in the early 1970’s, before going on to greater things.

But getting back to the photo, I love it! Jane is packing (count. 3-guns) and showing her underwear at the same time.  And the chess set?  Certainly not a coincidence! There must be some hidden meaning…that escapes me.

Perhaps some reader might be able to help out?!  I thought of asking Winter (over on ChessHistory) but had second thoughts when I realized that Winter had probably already copyright-ed the photo and would just ask me to remove it.




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