Sunday Coffee

Good morning, Sunday!  Do you know what annoys the heck out of me today? Thinking about the recent massacre in Nice,France. My heart goes out to the innocent victims. It should have never happened!

But it does. It is the world we live in. EVERYDAY, somewhere in the middle east/ Afganhistan/ Africa MANY MORE innocent people are blown-up, beheaded or shot. Often raped beforehand…the media just reports it like it reports the weather…indifferently.

But mostly I am tired of how we in the west think ourselves so special! Born special.  In France, according to the news count, more than 200 innocent people have become victims of terrorism in the past 18 months. Charlie Hebdo, Paris and now Nice.  If only some other countries could be so lucky!

What has the French government done about it?  Apart from legislating bills to restrict civil liberties and increase the information services’ right to invade our private lives, the French government has imposed a state of emergency that seemingly will remain indefinitely.

Why bother? It has done nothing to stop the violence, or make us safer. Besides, nothing can stop such pre-meditated acts of violence and rage. Our law enforcement services have not failed.  But the media and the government seem to be in collusion, each time such an act is perpetrated in Europe, to treat it as something SPECIAL.

Instead of treating such acts as a crime (which is what it is) and letting the police deal with it, the government uses it for its own purposes and to increase their own political capital…The result is evident to anyone with eyes:  we find ourselves living in a society that is increasingly spiralling out of control.

Tens of thousands of troops on our streets, thousands of arbitrary arrests…probably much more than we really know about because it is all in the name of ‘national security’.


Orwell’s 1984 showed us how fear is the tool that autocratic governments use to control and subjugate its people.

Have you noticed that everytime something terrible like what happens in Nice  occurs, the government never assumes any responsibility?  Should they change their foreign policy? Should they reduce the bombing and military interference in other countries. Should they reduce their sales of weapons? 

I am tired of being told, over and over again, that we are born special and that our leaders are competent protectors of the fundamental principles of democracy. What kind of democracy puts the value of a child in Syria, Libia or Iraque as something less than our own children? I am tired of the double standards of our media. I am tired of the hypocrisy of our political leaders.



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There is an interesting article today about Monika Fekete, a scientist, and how she uses her specialixed training to help coffee shop owners produce a better cup of coffee.

“With a PhD in chemistry from Australia’s Monash University and a research background in the electrolysis of water, Monika Fekete might have been expected to keep working on the quest to make hydrogen for fuel cells.

Instead, the Melbourne-based academic became fascinated with another very human fuel source: coffee.

In March she left her academic job and set up the Australian Coffee Science Lab, Australia’s first independent scientific coffee consultancy.”



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