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I was reading this morning about energy drinks versus coffee and it became quickly clear to me that the former are quite dangerous to your health even with moderate consumption habits. Coffee, on the otherhand, has little or no harmful side-effects with moderate consumption.

Nevertheless, too much coffee can be lethal. (Too much consumption of anything can NEVER be good for you!)  What is that lethal dose in coffee? Scientists believe it is 150 mg of caffeine per kilo of body weight.  Essentially, it is 1 cup of coffee per kilo of body weight. With the proviso that ALL of the cups of coffee would have to be ingested at the same time.

For example, if you weigh 70 kilos, then you would need to drink–simultaneously–70 cups of coffee!  Physically, that would be impossible…so the conclusion is that in theory you could overdose from too much coffee, but in practice you would not be able to do so.  You can learn  all about this  and more HERE.  Very instructive!




The last week has seen a few individuals refer to an impending surprise in the upcoming FIDE Congress to be held in September in Baku during the Chess  Olympiad. That surprise being the ‘possible’ impeachment of Kirsan Ilyumzhinov himself! 


But when I tried to find some substance, or indication, of WHY anyone would want to impeach the most popular individual in FIDE’s distinguished (cough, cough) 92 year history, search as I might on the internet chess universe, I came up empty handed. Well, almost empty handed:


There is not even a shred of evidence  to suggest that such an impeachment movement exists except in the imagination of those individuals who first put the rumour in circulation. ran a short blurb that also contained no concrete or credible information to help shed light on the impeachment issue


“Chess-News learnt that Kirsan Ilyumzhinov might face an impeachment procedure during the coming FIDE General Assembly that will take place in Baku in September….According to our information there are negotiations with several candidates. Among them two current FIDE officials and billionaires: Asian chess leader Sheikh Sultan Bin Khalifa Al Nehyan and the President of the Russian chess federation Andrey Filatov.  However there can be more surprises on the way. 

We asked Kirsan Ilyumzhinov to comment on the situation but there is still no reply.”

Nor was there any comment by the Sheik nor Filatov. Infact,not a single person connected to FIDE, elected or not-elected, has confirmed the rumours. Neither Kirsan, nor Makropoulis; neither Sheik Al-Nehyan nor Filatov.  Nor any other responsible FIDE official.

What gives? Perhaps the individuals in question meant to say ‘Coup d’etat’? Because impeachments are NEVER surprises… Impeachments are PROCESSES that evolve SLÕWLY over time. Openly. Transparently. With enormous public participation. The result of widespread and generalized social discontent or outrage. 

There is only one logical conclusion: it is all just a HOAX driven by bitter Kasparov supporters!

unexpected surprise

A definition of REDUNDANCY ?!



“A British soldier (WWI) whose waistcoat doubles as a checkerboard/chessboard.  Time spent away from the front line, and even in the trenches, could be boring, so soldiers tried to alleviate their boredom with games, sports, music, and theatre.”  LINK



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