Brexit: The Day After…


I am no fan of Cameron.  Never was. I always felt he was just another irresponsible yuppie-politician clone like Blair before him. Soon after being elected in 2010 he was in cohorts with the CIA to do away with Kadaffi, which lead to hundreds of thousands of needless deaths. Lybia is still burning today…Cameron then wanted to bomb Syria and do away with Assad, but his own parliament stopped him at the last moment.

Cameron then felt that he could use the referendum tool to impose his will on the British people, betting that he would have the mass-media and infinite government resources at his disposal to create a 1984-inspired climate of  fear and anxiety.  It worked well in the Fauklands, and in Scotland.  But by the time Brexit came around, most people in Britain were tired of his offensive use of fear mongering and directly lying to the people. Even Merkel objected to Cameron’s underhanded tactics.

So now Britain must face the consequences of reality finally catching up to the yuppie-politician. FORTUNATELY, this time it will not be hundreds of thousands of innocents in countries far away who will suffer. This time the British people themselves will pay the consequences of choosing incompetent and scheming leaders.

This time the destruction will really hit home. Every man , woman and child in Britain will suffer. The independence issues of Scotland and Ireland will have be reviewed. As it should be. Cameron was not just elected, but re-elected. Britain will have to be re-built from the bottom up. Perhaps, if there is a lesson to be learned here, it is this: Britain deserves decent leaders, individuals of character and integrity, leaders who will not one day in the near future risk being tried for War Crimes.

But before then, the British people will have to pay the consequences of living in a democracy.  I have little compassion for the Scots who feel that their voice was not heard.  Did they not just hold their own referendum and voted to remain by Britain’s side? Now they don’t like it…I say that they should have known that their own choice has consequences.  You reap what you sow…

But BEST of all, what I like most about the Brexit referendum is the MESSAGE that Britain sends to the unelected leadership in Brussels: FUCK YOU!  Many millions of europeans also feel it is time to dismantle an outdated model that is already anti-democratic and even threatening to become fascist in nature.


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