Where is the money?


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The European Individual Women’s Chess Championship ended yesterday (this will be covered in the News section here) and as I was taking a look at the photos of the top players going into the final round, as well as the photos of the closing ceremony, I was struck by the long, sad looks on their faces. Could this be because they had only just realized that they will have to wait almost two months before seeing a penny of the 60,000 euro prize fund?

Sem título 1 - 1

But apparently the official regulations had stipulated that the players would have to wait several months before seeing their prizes.  But how many of the participants had actually noticed the relevant sentence way at the end of the official regulations, almost hidden in fine print?

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If we compare with the regulations of the  Men’s European Individual Championship that had just finished last month (which offered more than 100,000 euros in prizes) then you would NOT see anything about any delay in getting their prize money. The prizes were paid immediately. Why should the women be treated differently?  And especially, isn’t this RIDICULOUS?? How could the ECU leadership agree to accept a bid for a prestigious European championship without the necessary financial guarantees, even ACCORDING to its own bidding regulations?

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