2016 US election: 1984 revisited??


I used the above image in my ChessNews photo-gallery the other day, and this single image got more hits (approximately 25,000 views) than any other item, and that includes competitive images of naked, seductive women!  No doubt this says something about my readers (smart, socially aware?), but the above image is also thought provoking in its own way.

George Orwell’s iconic masterpiece, 1984, is something that is even more relevant today than when it made its initial splash back in 1949…and the 2016 US election campaign is just one example of hundreds of cases that show where, how and why we (the normal guys) are being manipulated and mind-controlled from the time we wake up to the time we go to bed.

I think you might find the next short item worth taking a closer look at…ENJOY!


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