Thursday’s chess tactics quiz


Today’s instructive examples are all taken from tournaments played yesterday. Most if not all are from grandmaster competition. Solutions later today. Good Luck!

 The Russian Team Championship




(The examples on the left are odd-numbered, on the right they are even-numbered)

1)  TCh-RUS Men Sochi 2016.5.4 Rodshtein, Maxim–Rublevsky, Sergei: 39…Rf1!  Chasing away the Queen 40.Qd2 Rg1+ 0-1 After 41.Kh3 Bf1+ is curtains

2)  TCh-RUS Men Sochi 2016.5.4  Vitiugov, Nikita–Tomashevsky, Evgeny:  Black can win by immediately deflecting the Rook with 39…g5!: 40.Rf3 ( No better is 40.Rfg4 Rf5+ 41.Bf3 Qf6 42.R4g3 (or 42.Qe2 Rxf3+ 43.Qxf3 Rf1+!) g4! Or if instead 40.Rc4 Qf6+ 41.Kg3 Rf5 etc) 40…g4! 41.Rf4 Qh4+ 42.Rg3 Rh2+! etc  The advance of the Black g-pawn is decisive.

3)  TCh-RUS Women Sochi 2016.5.4 Shuvalova, Polina–Pogonina, Natalija: 33…Ng5! wins immediately.  If  34.Re3 (34.fxe4 Nf3+ 35.Kf1 ( 35.Kh1 Qxf8! ) 35…Qf6 etc) 34…Qd6! 35.fxe4 Qf4!

4)  TCh-RUS Women Sochi 2016.5.4  Ubiennykh, Ekaterina–Kosteniuk, Alexandra: 22…Nd4!  This strong move exploits the lack of coordination inside White’s position. 23.exd4 Rxd6 24.Rd3 exd4 with a solid positional plus which the ex-world champion exploited and won on the 43rd move

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