Monday’s chess tactics quiz


Marcel Duchamp’s hands, New York City, 1959-60

Marcel Duchamp’s hands, New York City, 1959-60/ Alexander Liberman /sc

From this weekend’s 4NCL team championship




(The examples on the left are odd-numbered; on the right they are even-numbered)

Part I: 4NCL Birmingham

1) 4NCL Birmingham 2016.5.1  Monika Motycakova–Kalaiyalahan, Akshaya: 36…Rxh5! 37.Rxf8 f3!!  The move White had not counted on. Black wins a piece.  38.g3 Kxf8 39.Qxf3 Qb7 40.Qxb7 Rxb7 41.Rxf6+ Rf7 42.Rc6 Re7 43.Kg1 Re2 44.h4 Rc5 45.Rf6+ Kg7 46.Rd6 Rcxc2 47.Kf1 Red2 0-1

2) NCL Birmingham 2016.5.1  Le Roux, Jean-Pierre–Aagaard, Jacob:  37.Rxd6! Kxd6 38.Bxc5+! Kxc5 39.Nd3+ The whole point. 39… Kd6 40.Kxb4 1-0  A bit premature, but the ending is dead lost.

3) 4NCL Birmingham 2016.5.1  Speelman, Jon –Fressinet, Laurent: 40.b4! This strong move must have escaped Black’s notice. The threat is a decisive check along the a2-g8 diagonal. 40…Bb5!?  As good as any, but not good enough to solve the problems. 41.Qd2! 1-0  There is a nasty check on d5 coming.

4) 4NCL Birmingham 2016.5.1  Sarakauskas, Gediminas–Adair, James: 36…Nd3! 0-1  After 37.BxN QxB the Knight can not move because of the mate on f1.  So White loses a piece.

Part II: Hasselbacken

1) Hasselbacken Stockholm 2016.4.30 Shirov, Alexei–Saren, Bjorn: 25.Nd5+!  1-0.  A bit premature, but correct. After 25…cxd5 26.Qc3+!  Kb6! 27.Rxf8 Bxf8 28.Qa5+! Ka7 29.Qxd5 White wins a piece (29…Nh4 30.Qd4+)  and then White should have little trouble mopping up.

2) Hasselbacken Stockholm 2016.4.30  Wahlund, Max–Tkachiev, Vladislav: 20…Nxg3! 0-1  Ouch!

3) Hasselbacken Stockholm 2016.5.1  Bachmann, Axel–Lundvik, Jonas: 26.Nxa6!!  A brilliant concept. 26…Bxa6 27.Rxc6! Rff6 28.Rxa6! Rxa6 29.Bxd5+ Kf8 30.Rxb5 Ra7 31.Bb7 1-0

4) Hasselbacken Stockholm 2016.5.1  Kaasen, Tor Fredrik–Donchenko, Alexander: 22…Na7!! Turns the tables on White. After 23.NxN PxN 24.Bxd4 Qxg5! Or 23.Nc7+ Ke7 and White has no good continuation.

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