Samaganova: 2016 Champ of Kyrgystan!


Congrats to our favourite player from Kyrgystan, Alexandra Samaganova for adding  yet another national title to her list of chess achievements!!  The tournament took place in Bishkek and finished just yesterday.



Top place finishers: 

Alexandra Samaganova, Diana Omurbekova , Begimay Zairbek Kyzy, Aizhan Alymbai Kyzy and Daria Li.

Photos courtesy of Sport AKipress.



Alexandra (twitter) is no stranger to my blog readers, her bright and cheery smile having already adorned my blog for some time now (right side bar).  Alexandra’s mother is from Kiev, Ukraine while her father is from Kyrgystan.  So quite naturally she learned to play chess at a very early age.  You can read more about Alexandra’s start in chess HERE.


A very young Alexandra playing chess with her grandfather Alexandr Ostry in Kiev.

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