Today’s winning 5-sec tactics





Russian Junior Championship, Loo. 22-04-2016 gm Eliseev, Urii (2602) –im Yuffa, Daniil (2507).  Position after White’s 22nd move (22.Ne5). A typical fight in the CaroKan where Kings have castled on opposite sides. The pawn on h6 carries some dangers for the Black player, but praxis has shown his counterplay on the other side of the board should not be underestimated. Both players must show tactical skills…Here Black should probably play 22…Nd7 to immediately exchange pieces. Instead, he preferred to continue his Queenside counterplay…



Curiously, after this natural move Black finds himself with a lost game.



The beginning of what will soon become  a beautifully executed attack!  White plays with precision and acccuracy, punishing Black for not taking the defensive measure (22…Nd7) on the previous move. The reader should also pay attention to the pawn coverage of Black, as it will soon disappear and be replaced with  an unusal layer of White pieces… Black can not take the Bishop as after 23… gxh6 24. Nxf7! Kxf7 25. Qg6+ Kf8 26. Ne5  he comes under a mating attack. Black decides to ignore what White is doing and put his faith in his counterattack on the Queenside…

23… b3!? 24. axb3 a4


Note that 24… Nb4 25. Qc1! would simply drive the White Queen to a better square

25. Nxf7!


This move attacks the Rook as well as prepares the way for the White Queen to come to g6. If now Black takes the Knight he gets mated with 26.Qg6+. If instead 25…Pxb3 26.Qg6! Bf8 27.Bxg7! etc.  Nor is the patient 25… Bf8 26. Nxd8 axb3 any good after 27. Qd3 Rxd8 28. Bg5 Qa4 29. Na3 etc. Black’s misfortune is that he has no good way to exploit the open a-file as White can either escape with his King via d2, or block the a-file with Na3.

25… Rd7!?


Under the circumstances there is nothing better. Now if 26.Qg6 Bf8 is his idea, though even here White has a winning attack with 27.Bxg7! BxB 28.h6 Rxf7 29.Nd6! However, White finds an even more energetic continuation…

26. Bxg7!


Another powerful shot and one that Black can not ignore, as White is threatening to mate him starting with Nh6+

26… Kxg7 27. Qg6+ Kf8 28. Ng5!


If now 28…Bd8 (defending the mate in one) 29.Nxe6+ is forced mate in six moves. Having no good alternative, Black tries his last desperate chance…


28… Nc3+


A check before dying” as they like to say in such situations.

29. bxc3 Qxb3+ 30. Ka1 Qxc3+ 31. Nb2



Black throws in the towel.  He can still play on a few moves with 31…Bxc5, but after 32.QxN+ it is becoming embarrassing.  A great attacking game by White!

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