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Good morning, Readers!  April 18, the second-to-last Monday of this month, for those of you who are interested in trivia like that. For those of you who are worried about the doomsday stories in the press about Planet-X (which is supposed to destroy the earth before the end of April), the good news is that armageddon will NOT likely happen on a Monday. That is something positive, isn’t it?



Where do these studies come from?  Who pays for them?  Don’t these people have anything better to do with their lives? Apparently not…today I came across the following study and its brilliant conclusion:


You can read more HERE.  This is one of the reasons why I HATE coffee studies!  After about 4,000,000,000,000,000,000 cups of coffee being consumed by Canadians, and NOT a single coffee-related death,(for comparison purposes, in the US last year 88,000 people died as a direct result of alcohol consumption) are we really supposed to worry about whether the coffee we are drinking is bad for us?!  Are we supposed to feel BETTER because some scientific study says so?

I don’t need some study’s APPROVAL for me to enjoy my coffee. Moreover, I don’t WANT some university undergraduate with nothing better to do to butt into my lifestyle…


Call me spitefull, but I think that anyone who drinks decaf DESERVES to get colorectal cancer!


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Here is another idiotic coffee study that is supposed to make us feel good :


”The lead scientist for this study, Dr. Greg Marcus and his colleagues dug deep into the link between coffee and heart diseases and found out that it wasn’t as bad as the rumor said it was. Bottom line, coffee lovers can now be at peace that drinking a cup of Joe won’t lead them to have a heart attack.”

That is what I like about coffee studies: they are so rigorous!  Good to hear that that nasty rumor has been challenged by our brightest scientists…but I am a little worried that the rumor is still breathing. And–OFCOURSE–as in all such feel good studies, you will find the usual ‘moderation’ advice:

”However, it is better to watch your consumption as well and not drink too much of it. After all, too much of anything won’t do good for your health anyway. The key here is moderation…”

You can read more HERE.



Coffee is a HUGE market world wide.  Just in the US this year it is expected that coffee sales will reach 14 billion dollars. So you would expect that this kind of mega-bucks industry would have it’s own health watch dogs that naturally encourage such idiotic studies of the health value of something that we put into our body…but you would be wrong to assume so!

It is really all about distraction. Money and distraction, actually. There is only so much capacity in our attention span. What if the really BAD things on our daily consumption list tried to avoid your attention?  Like BEER…As mentioned, this year total coffee sales in the US will likely reach 14 billion dollars. Beer–on the otherhand–will reach an estimated 300 billion dollars in sales in the US (maybe more).


Where are all the OBJECTIVE studies that do research into whether beer is good for you? How many glasses of beer is good for you?  Etc, Etc. Truth is, these studies don’t really exist (or are anonymously assumed to be included in the studies of general alcohol consumption). What you find out in the real world are convenient FEEL GOOD studies (no doubt funded to some extent by a well meaning beer company):


Read more HERE.


Read more HERE.

See what I mean?  Good luck trying to find a so called ‘study’ that finds anything so terrible about a glass of beer that it would be published in a newspaper or scientific journal.  The conclusion is obvious: Coffee is Beer’s poor cousin and that gets all the blame! A 300-billion dollar business instinctively knows how to buy its way thru life, fly below radar and avoid the public’s limited attention span in the morning.

So, as a conclusion for this day’s reflection on  coffee studies, here on this blog, IF I SEE another scientific coffee study then I have only this to say:














Rule 1: Move in an ‘L’ shape


Rule 2: Firmly grasp with your teeth…



Jacqueline Roos:  RIP

img_0955b0c52f0e159e465b110315bd3aa4_600_410 (1)

Michel and Jacqueline Roos

My apologies for not posting this before. Jacqueline Roos, aged 86, died last earlier this month on April 7 in Strasbourg. She was the matriarch of France’s number one chess dynasty. She and her husband, Michel, were passionate chess players. Jacqueline was an IM and a Grandmaster in correspondence chess.  Michel (died 2002) was an IM and was Champion of France in 1964. 


They had 4 children, 3 boys and a girl. All became IMs.This picture was taken at the 1972 french championships. On the left, Michel Roos, who in 1964 had became the youngest ever french champion. Standing right is Jacqueline now an International GrandMaster at postal chess. Seated right is their son, Louis Roos who five years later would beat his fathers record to become the youngest ever french champion, a record he held until this year. Standing left are Jean Luc and centre Daniel. All three sons are now International Masters. Daniel has since won a gold medal at the 1982 Lucern Olympiad. Unfortunately absent is their daughter Céline…the womens international master and gold medal winner for Canada.


My Canadian readers will fondly remember Celine Roos (today 62 years old) from the time she spent in Montreal in the late 1970’s and early 1980’s.  My most sincere condolences to the entire Roos family.  (You can read more about Jacqueline Roos HERE and HERE)



So typical!  Where is the damn arbiter when you need him?

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