Today’s chess(?!) video




The original version of ‘The Thomas Crown Affair‘ (1968, Norman Jewison) probably has the BEST romantic chess scene of any Hollywood film ever made. Mega-stars Steve McQueen and Faye Dunaway face each other over the board as adversaries. Everything is brilliantly done, the careful attention to details, the flirtatious hand  movements, the quick glances, the seductiveness…AMAZING.

I have seen the film over and over again, and being a chessplayer, the chess scene is the best part, clearly.  Here is that exact segment of the film with a different music than in the film.  The song/music is by Beth Hart and Joe Bonamassa: If I tell you I love you.  I tell you, honestly, I love the scene even more because of it!  ENJOY! (Thx, Errol!)





Beth Hart was born in the US in 1972. Her first album with Bonamassa, Don’t Explain, went gold in The Bongo. In 2014 Hart was nominated for a Grammy Award for Seesaw and she was also nominated for a Blues Music Award in the category ‘West Contemporary Blues Female Artist’.

Joe Bonamassa, was born in the US in 1977. Guitarist, singer and songwriter, Joe opened for B.B.King when only 12 years old!  In the past 13 years he produced not less than 15 solo albums.

Here is the song that Errol considers the best effort by Hart and Bonamassa.  ENJOY!

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