Today’s winning 5-sec tactics


“Time spent thinking about life is better spent enjoying it.”

― Marty Rubin




Ch Poland (w)  2016.3.31 WGM (2405) Szczepkowska-Horowska, Karina–WIM (2200)Wozniak, Mariola.  


Photo of both players at beginning of game.  LINK

Position after 21 moves. Something has gone wrong with Black’s opening.  Her pawns on the Queenside are ruined and vulnerable to attack. Curiously, however, it is on the other side of the board that the greater danger lay…



As unexpected as it is strong!  It turns out that Black’s minor pieces-even though they seem to defend one another-lack harmony.  How should Black capture the Knight?

If now 22…BxN 23.BxB+ KxB 24.e6+! KxP (24…NxP? 25.RxN!) 25.Qc4+ gives White a winning attack against he King: 25…Kf6 26.Be5+! NxB 27.Qf4+! Ke6 28.NxN and the Black King is trapped in the centre and defenceless.  That leaves Black with the move played in the game:

22…KxN 23.Qf5+


(Also strong was 23.BxB+) White now recovers the minor piece and has a blistering attack to boot.  Black thru in the towel a few moves later.

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