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Grandmaster William Lombardy (born December 4,1937) needs no introduction to my readers.  The 78 year old New Yorker is living testimony to what was probably the most exciting time of modern chess history, when a goup of young and immensely talented Americans (later known-perhaps imprecisely-as the Collins Boys) first started to lay seige to the Soviet hegemony on the chess world ( World Student Team Championship, 1960) and finally, 10 years later, Bobby Fischer winning the world title from Boris Spassky in Reykjavik. ( In 2014 a major Hollywood film (Pawn Sacrifice) described some of these events, and Lombardy’s prominent role because of his close relationship with Fischer)


Early photo of Lombardy(l), Collins and Bobby Fischer at Jack Collins‘ home, where they and the Byrne brothers , R.Weinstein, and sometimes Larry Evans would meet regularly to look at chess. Perhaps the most talented generation of American chessplayers!

Retired from competitive chess for decades now, William is fortunately still active as far as teaching and coaching is concerned. Lombardy is still revered by up and coming American talents, and often go to great lengths to study under him. I wrote of my own friendship with Lombardy on an earlier blog HERE. Lombardy also has a BLOG, where-amongst other things-the feisty New Yorker describes his ongoing legal battles with his landlord.

BUT…today I present a video analysis that has Lombardy explain the game of one of his students, Marc Esserman, against former world champion Anand from Gibraltar earlier this year.  ENJOY!




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