Today’s winning 5-sec tactics




Alba Iulia  International (Romania)  2016.3.16  im (2420)Petrisor, Adrian-Marian–(2200) Ognean, Mihnea-Ionut. Position before Black’s 28th move.  Black is quite ok, White not threatening anything special.  A good and solid move, for example, is 28…h5!?, giving luft to the Black monarch.

But is that really necessary?  Notice that White’s c-pawn is enprise…my question to you, dear reader, is this: CAN BLACK CAPTURE THIS PAWN?




Alba Iulia  International  2016.3.16  Petrisor, Adrian-Marian–Ognean, Mihnea-Ionut: 28…Rxc5?  29.Rb8+Bf8 30.Bh4!!  The refutation. 30… g5 31.Bxg5 Qd6 32.Bf6+ (Qf7!) Qxf6 33.Qxc5 Kg7 34.Qxa7+ Kg6 35.Qd7 e4 6.Qe8+ Kg7 37.Qxf8+ Qxf8 38.Rxf8 1-0

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