Tina Manota’s CHECKMATE

Tina Manota is a talented and successful designer based in Toronto, Canada.  ”Design is my passion and I’ve been experimenting for years. I focus on developing original colour schemes and abstract patterns.”


Tina manages to infuse her own brand of moxie, charm and technique in everything she does. ”I love colour and I’m not shy about it (as you can tell by my shop). I create wild, exuberant, and FUN pieces for my customers to enjoy. I have a fantastic network of people I work with and together we produce quality, eye catching items …”

Empty vintage room with little bookshelves and brick wall - rendering

Find out more HERE.  As well, you can explore Tina’s PINTEREST. Or visit the Canadian company that markets her ART.



Tina Manota




Tina confesses to not being a chessplayer, but her creativity could not resist taking a stab at it. I’m not part of any chess community and I don’t really play chess. But I created something very much related to chess about a year ago and I have not yet exposed this to the public in any way, shape, or form. I think it’s creative and I’m not quite sure what to do with it –  so here I am contacting you. What do you think?”  Tina calls this CHECKMATE:




WOW!  I love it, Tina!  You have perfectly captured the more carnal, primordial aspects in human nature–and especially the bona fide warrior’s spirit–necessary in every serious chessplayer: to be driven, unforgiving, relentless, coldblooded. Calculating. Composed. A dash of sophistication…BRAVO, Tina!!

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