”THE” Bruce Lee film to air in 2017


Like many of my generation, I came to know of Bruce Lee’s art only after he had already died. To his many millions of fans around the world, Lee remains an important iconic symbol of our times, even though he passed away long ago in the summer of 1973.  I have all of Lee’s books (and books of his writings produced by others who knew him).  So it was with satisfaction today that I read of ‘the definitive’ film on the man himself is currently being produced!

Producer Lawrence Grey, in the short video below, describes Bruce Lee as one of the great genius’ of our time.  That if you were to visit his archives and study his writings–without knowing anything about his life–then you would come away with the mistaken idea that this gentle man was an author who must have lived into his ’90s, instead of being a great martial artist who died tragically at age 32.

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