Something positive about chess…

Amazing! To live to 107, healthy,happy and with almost full mobility is the stuff of dreams and fairy tales. But Wim Hendricks was living proof!  His secret? Not just an daily glass of red wine, but CHESS !


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The Netherlands’ oldest man, Wim Hendriks, has died at the age of 107. Hendriks lived his entire life in the Noord-Brabant village of Wanroij and put his longevity partly down to a daily glass of red wine with a hot meal. Active and still involved in the community, Hendriks spoke fluent French and played chess every day. Five years ago he hit the headlines when his driving licence was renewed.


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In a recent interview, Hendriks said he did not set much score by his record-breaking age. ‘It is better be the youngest,’ he told local broadcaster Omroep Brabant. It is not clear who takes over his title as the oldest man. Geertje Kuijntijes in Gorichem is the oldest woman at the age of 110.

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