ChessSupersite launches March 26-27!!




This is a new and exciting leap forward in Canadian Chess! Several years in development and employing cutting-edge technology, the launch of an all-new chess site called Chess Supersite will take place on the weekend of March 26-27, with thousands of dollars in prizes.

The site will be absolutely amazing – a great playing zone – live audio and video broadcasts – exciting new online events for prizes and an array of attractive features, some of them unique and being patented.

Chess Supersite is a new type of chess site, a SOCIABLE chess site, designed to bring people together by centering around the members – you.


When a game begins you can immediately chat with your opponent, and when the game ends you may continue to do so – in fact, you can review the game with both players sharing the chessboard. Furthermore, Chess Supersite puts a wealth of information at your fingertips – openings, ECO codes, book moves and even computer analysis you can see in every game you look at.



Several world champions, including Gary Kasparov, will be participating in the inaugural weekend activities!  Full information HERE. While Saturday’s  tournament is a ‘by invitation only’ event, Sunday’s tournament is OPEN to everyone!  And even better: NO ENTRY FEE!!










The site was founded by Sasha Starr (President and Director) and Rubin Schindermann (CEO, CFO and Director). Garry Kasparov is a Senior Adviser, while Canadian chess icon Nava Starr is on the Board of Directors.


Nava and Sasha Starr

The Company Chess Supersite Corp. is a Reporting Issuer (public company) and its shares are quoted on OTC Market Group,  The symbol is CHZP. You can also get additional financial information HERE.

The Company competes primarily on the basis of offering everything that its competitors are offering plus unique features that nobody else has.  It has the potential to become the supreme chess site, where members can watch games from major tournaments and matches with superb commentaries , predict each and every move, win prizes, and chat in many languages using instant translation, so it could and very likely will become a social site as well.


Chess Supersite was developed by Marty Hirsch, creator of MChess Pro. Hirsch was assisted by Alan Kantor, Stewart Cracraft and John Schmidt, with graphics by Jacob Ganzler and Eliana Blumenkranc.

Chess Supersite is programmed entirely in Javascript using open-source software including Node.js, MongoDB, Express.js, and JQuery. Chess Supersite runs on a cloud server hosted by Amazon Web Services.

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