What are Alicia and Sid Belzberg up to?



It is difficult enough for us to keep up with all of the exciting new technologies that are rapidly growing out of the social media , but Canadian entrepreneurs Sid and Alicia Belzberg are pushing the envelope even further.


INFINIGON GROUP , founded in 2011 by Alicia Belzberg (CEO) and Sid Belzberg (Managing Dir)  is a New York based high performance software solutions company and leading provider of social media analytics for global financial markets.

INFINIGON is any day now about to release an innovative new product (ECHO) in  conjunction with Reuters and Twitter that utilizes AI and advanced deep learning that sifts through all the tweets that Twitter broadcasts every day and convert it into early pre mainstrean news. Four years in development, ECHO captures and analyzes multiple social media data streams and makes use of its up to date activity correlated with real-time prices, identifying critical changes in market conditions. Through the new Infinigon Group API, firms can integrate their systems with ECHO allowing for quantitative and qualitative alerts on early impactful information.




Alicia and Sid Belzberg are very well know to my readers and especially to the Canadian chess community.  Over the years they have donated and contributed hundreds of thousands of dollars to promote Canadian chess, including sponsoring several National Teams to the Chess Olympiad.

Sid and I go back more than 40 years to the Canadian Open in Calgary in 1975 (!), and occasionally he sends me an interesting position to include in my popular ‘5-second tactics’ column.  You can read some of the blog articles that I have written about Alicia and Sid’s other passions and projects HERE and HERE.

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