Going to be in Delaware this weekend?

This is the second edition! On December 30,2014 25-year old David Alexander Owocki took his own life, suffering from depression and anxiety.  The following year there was organized a memorial tournament in his honour at the University of Delaware, where David was a student.  David was also a chess master and the reigning champion of the Newark Chess Club.

Writes his father, professor of physics and astronomy at the University , said, “David was witty, bright and loved puzzles and games like chess. But struggles with depression and anxiety severely hindered his function and studies, and ultimately led him to take his own life. There is nothing noble or heroic about suicide, but hiding it in shame does nothing to stop it. So even while celebrating David’s life and his love of chess, we honor him best by doing all we can to prevent as many others as possible from suffering his tragic fate.  We miss you and love you David!”




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