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I recently came across the Icelandic chess-site, skakmyndir, which means ‘chess photos’. The site contains loads of photos from the Fischer-Spassky match (1972) that I had not seen before, as well as photos and drawings from other events, most held in Iceland. I recommend the reader to investigate! (Helpful hint: by clicking on many of the photos another album will open)

I present a small sample taken from this site.  ENJOY!



Grandmasters William Lombardy (l) and Miguel Quinteros.  Lombardy was a priest at the time, and was the official second of Bobby Fischer.  Miguel was one of the few friends that Fischer had.





The legendary 3rd game, played in a closed room, without any spectators. This is the game that changed the course of chess history…Fischer had just played his incredible 11…Nh5!?, and Spassky is considering his reply.  


This was to be the first win by Fischer (ever!) against Spassky. After this painful loss, Spassky (and the Soviets) insisted to continue the match in the auditorium infront of the spectators.  Fischer did not protest!



Grandmaster Robert Byrne (the NYTimes chess columnist) and Chester Fox, the American businessman who had bought the film rights to the match, checking out the playing conditions of the match before the actual match got going.



Spassky making a LONG move, while Fischer prepares to write the move down on his scoresheet.


Ditto the above comment, but this time with roles reversed!



I love this photo!  Notice the hands…



What is Spassky doing?  Concentrating or doing some soul-searching?



Fischer in deep concentration. I like the way he leans forward over the board.


Another unusal pose by Fischer.  Is he praying?





I also love this photo!  The body language says it all!



Fast forward 5 years to 1977 when Spassky found himself once more in Iceland , but this time playing a Candidates’ match against V.Hort.  At one point in the match (after the 12th game) Spassky had to be hospitalized, where he had his appendix removed. Here we see him looking at some ending while receiving some IV treatment!



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