Peter Stockhausen’s death: Part II


August 20, 1948 to February 18, 2016,

68 years of age

Dear Kevin,

I’ve already told you that just before 7pm on Friday February 19, I received word from my daughter telling me that husband and father, Peter Stockhausen, had died.

Peter and I had been together for more than 29 years, from February 5 1987, until he died at 9:15 on Thursday evening, February 18. We had a child together. Our daughter turned 23 years old last October.

You know that Peter Stockhausen vanished seven years ago from Canmore, Alberta.

All that the RCMP had was the unverified say-so of strangers that Peter Stockhausen had gone missing, who also gave the RCMP a number to call the family — a number the strangers suspiciously said they would not call themselves.

On that basis, Cpl Gary Fedrau of the Canmore RCMP then phoned me at home in Kelowna BC one Saturday night in May 2009 and asserted that husband and father Peter was missing from Canmore AB. By the end of that ensuing week, the Canmore RCMP would only say that they had found and spoken to Peter and seen him on his way.

For the last seven years we have been punished by Peter Stockhausen’s disappearance every day. Nothing has ended for us, because authorities have intervened and kept us from moving on and living our lives. As we live the less-than-half-lives we are forced to live, people find us mysterious and even suspicious, because our lives are so unlikely for the people we appear to be. We don’t belong.

This is how it has been for us. Then last Friday, I learned that Peter allegedly refused treatment that would have saved his life, so he died alone in Cranbrook Hospital in eastern British Columbia Thursday night about 9:15pm last Thursday. At the same time, I also learned that my daughter and I were omitted as next of kin.

So even after his death, new circumstances emerge, new mysteries and controversies about Peter Stockhausen develop.

You might be surprised to see me say that Peter Stockhausen was as much a victim of the events as me and my daughter were and still are. Peter didn’t disappear until after the RCMP pursued him. I would say that what happened in Canmore AB put Peter Stockhausen on the road to his death.

It will take me a little time, at least a few days, to put something together that explains this. I trust you’ll understand the time issue is because I don’t have skills and experience to produce something quickly. It is slow and hard going for me. But something must be said to put the record straight. I am also conscious that these will be some of the last words that are said about Peter Stockhausen.

Yours truly,



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