More on P.Stockhausen’s death


August 20.1948–February 18, 2016

I understand that Stockhausen’s estranged wife (Karen) is preparing a statement and this will be later published here on this blog.  For now I will limit myself to some small details of his passing:

Peter passed away at 9:15 pm MST on Thursday evening in hospital at Cranbrook, alone. He had broken his leg and was suffering respiratory problems. The hospital said Peter deliberately refused any treatment and the recommended surgery and procedures that would have saved his life. Because he had not given the hospital any family contacts when he was admitted, as soon as Peter died his case was passed on to the coroner’s office. Only indirectly did his wife and daughter (Silken) learn of his death.


Many of my Canadian readers will recall the incredible stink that Stockhausen made during is final mandate as head of the CFC (Canadian Chess Federation) and later in 2009 when he disappeared from the face of the earth and abandoned his wife and daughter to their own resources, having first emptied their joint savings and max-ed their credit cards.


They were soon evicted from their home. Since that time Stockhausen’s location was kept from his wife and daughter as he continued his staged disappearance (in Canada it is not illegal to disappear) His exact whereabouts were known only to a few members of the BC chess community, each sworn to secrecy.

With Peter Stockhausen’s death, perhaps, some sort of closure can now be hoped for regarding one of the darkest, most destructive–not to mention corrupt–and certainly the most sordid chapter in Canadian chess. We should not be surprised that Stockhausen was an active and influential member of the current CFC leadership right up until his death.  Let me express my hope that his death will be a call for a thorough house-cleaning in the CFC…

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