How NOT to get RAPED in Finland?!?


This would be FUNNY if it were NOT real, but it is REAL and shows how out of touch with reality mainstream European media has been–and still is–with respect to the issue of the rape-refugee crisis that has only recently come to the fore given the Cologne incident over the holidays.

”This is the funniest video I’ve seen in years, although it is meant seriously. All women have to do to keep from being raped is turn around, hold out their hand in a “halt” gesture and say “Stop!” That’s it! The Muslim migrant problem is solved!”  READ more HERE.


THE israelinationalnews wrote this on the topic:

´´In the aftermath of the mass groping and raping of European women by Muslim infiltrators on New Year’s Eve, a channel that belongs to Finland’s national public broadcasting company has put out a video purportedly educating women on how to defend themselves. However, for viewers who are still in touch with the real world, the video only serves as further evidence that mainstream European media apparently is not….The video shows three ways to protect oneself from attack: tell the attacker to stop, push him away and swing your bag at him.


Shortly after being uploaded, it became an object of ridicule, with at least one video on YouTube spoofing it in intergalactic style:


The isreali article continues: 

Danish journalist Iben Thranholm said that the core problem is that “many men are behaving like women” and there is “no masculine power to fight back” against the aggressive immigrants. European politicians are very weak and feminized, she said, and therefore cannot cope with the infiltrators or with terrorism.

Russian-Jewish writer Alexander Maistrovoy argued in an Arutz Sheva op-ed that “the culture of postmodernism has managed to do what couldn’t be achieved even by the Communist propaganda machine. It has degraded the instinct of self-preservation, natural reactions embedded in humans on a genetic level, the ability to feel compassion and protect a victim – a woman, a girl, a child. An abstract ideology has suppressed the mind and senses.

“I left USSR as a hater of Soviet totalitarianism,” he wrote. “Now I realize that the cultural totalitarianism of political correctness has turned out to be much more poisonous.”


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