Today’s winning camper’s TAIL!


The lovely Cassandra Goeke. Photo by Jonathan Leder  INSTAGRAM 



(Amy Hood with Jonathan Leder in 2014.Photo by Augustin Doublet )

Jonathan Leder is a New York based filmmaker and photographer known for his portraits of women, which capture the innate elegance of the female form. Born in 1975.


”…I don’t like to rush and I don’t like to shoot all the time. And I’ve always thought, you know, the thing I like about photography [is]… this is not a game that young people are very good at. Most photographers in their 20s probably suck. In your 30s you’re probably okay. In your 40s maybe you start to achieve something and by 50 or 60 is really when you’re peaking. That’s what’s nice about it is that you could do this potentially for another 40 years… So I’m not really worried about rushing,..”–J.Leder

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