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My readers who have been following the legal struggles of Stan Vaughan’s WCF versus FIDE, as well as against the popular St.Louis zillionaire Sinquefield, will be interested in this latest desperate call to arms by Stan Vaughn…part of what follows might seem incoherent, but please try to understand the state of mind of our friend Stan as he fights as a single individual against a man with UNLIMITED financial resources…


”I dropped by the new motion where by a so called STALKING HORSE AGREEMENT the billionaire is trying since he knows the WCF has not counsel , to expand and consider all assets  estimated at 20 million to consider no  profits assets as part of my personal estate and paid the trustee $225,000 to pay off my $8,200 IRS debt and keep all WCF assets worth 20 million including Federal trademarks etc World Chess Federation, World Series of Chess, Trademarks World Chess Federation hall of fame, , World Correspondence Chess Federation Trademark The World ChessChampionship, Trademark the World Chess Champion, Trademark Chess the World’s pastime. Trademark Fischer and etc etc etc


Today I received a new filing motion  against World Chess Federation, Inc which  everyone must be made aware of.

Because in the Federal case and also the adversary proceeding as an aside in my personal Federal bankruptcy case  WCF had the Williamson law firm close down law practice  despite contract with WCF and now she has moved to Long Beach CALIF and opened up new law practice WCF has defaulted due to being a corporation not having legal counsel of record. While normally one gets up to one year to vacate a default, the billionaire Sinquefield  has initiated  a new motion


They have refiled an amended complaint once again in the hopes WCF does not obtain counsel to defend the new motion says that althoughmy bankruptcy had creditors of $11,200 IRS and one other which was dismissed due to not receiving consideration leaving simply an alleged $8,200 debt to IRS, the new motion says again they wish the courtso consider that WCF is an alter ego of Stan Vaughan and that all WCF assets should be turned over to the bankrupt estate to pay the $8,200 to the IRS. To get the Trustee to make the motion the Sinquefield billionaire made a purchase agreement paying  $225,000 to buy all assets of my estate which they will then pay off the $8,200 to IRS


Rex Sinquefield

They hope WCF does not contest motion to be heard Feb 24 and list 34 trademark assets etc of WCF which they wish the courts to consider as belonging to Stan Vaughan not WCF. They estimate the trademarks etc and assets of WCF are actually worth some 5 to 20 million and request right of first refusal to match any bids at requested public auction.

Just like Siquefield got 100 million in Fischer assets from the purchase of his California storage unit for 3,0000 items for only 67,000 in bid process they have put up $225,000 min bid


They wish the court to consider World Chess Federation Federal Trademark  (2) World Series of Chess (3) The World Chess Championship ((4) The World Chess Champion)(5)  World Chess Federation hall of fame

(6) World Correspondence Chess Federation (7) Fischer (8) Chess the World’s Pastime)  and 26 other trademarks and etc to be sold as belonging NOT to WCF but as  by default  part instead of Stan vaughan bankrupt estate

The implication is that Sinquefield sees by their view these assets worth between 5 million and 20 million dollars they also wish to take over the WCF fed Case against FIDE as they also know the new Obama excuitive order prevents FIDE from litigating  in US Federal courtshere they will win on default on behalf of WCF against FIDE and take over the 1 billion chess players worldwide market. The implicatyions are immense in that FIDE takes in 75 million a year at present and allows a Kasparov/Sinquefield WCF to  take over world chess market by stealing all these assets through legal trickery.


I have repeatedly warned. I have turned these motions over to David POtto law firm of Las Vegas as a last ditch effort to get WCF legal counsel and vacate defaults and continue fight. I have done all I can to warn everyone of potenial consequences, worth etc.”

World Chess Federation, Inc.

c/o Stan Vaughan

2533 East Palmera Drive

Las Vegas, Nevada 89121-4021

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