Today’s chess video


This is a short film written and produced by Owen Matthess. Directed by Micah Taylor. The two actors are Tim Dryden and Patrick Wilcox , who play, respectively, father and son.

The story line is that the two try to get together once a week to play a game of chess in a park. The son always wins, but this is ok to the father because all he wants to do is spend some quality time with his son. A lot is left unsaid, probably on purpose for the spectator to try to figure out himself. It is evident that the two are growing apart, the son increasingly frustrated that the father does not change his materialistic approach to everything.  ”You can’t win if you try to hold onto everything you have…sometimes you have to make sacrifices.”  The father seems find this concept difficult to grasp, but acknowledges that his son is probably right.

Great acting. Great script. Great direction.




Micah Taylor is a film maker, writer, and actor living in Greenville, SC. He is the creative director and owner of the production group Flagship Comedy.  His specialty is in the realm of comedy, having written and directed  the hit  ”How to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse” and the series Super Big.  


You can find some of Micah’s work HERE.

Micah and Owen Matthess have known each other since university days, and have collaborated on a number of projects.  Here is a funny YouTube video from those days…



In 2014 Micah wrote a book called ‘BE NORMAL’, which is very much in his usual genre of comedy material.


One source has written: 

´´The first humor book from Micah Taylor (creative director/lead producer at Flagship Comedy) launching what his mother hopes to be a career worthy of the college education money she has thus far thought was a complete waste of resources.

Be Normal is an off-beat, humorous, satirical look at what society not only accepts, but also expects as social norms. It is an all-encompassing guide on how to fit into society and receive the love and adoration from all mankind that you deserve. At what point did someone take a gander at a cow udder and decide to tap it like a keg and drink the milk of another animal? Why do women wear makeup and men measure their masculinity by the size of their truck? Are we really alone in this universe, or is there a higher calling out there, waiting to be discovered? Some of these questions are answered within the pages of Be Normal…”

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