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Something to do with chess!  “The Queen” Short Film 1st Teaser Trailer 2016  By Hugo Teugels who apparently has an impressive CV.CTtH_l1U8AA75SG




Disciples of Desire” is the name used by an avantegarde photographer and audiovisual producer based in Los Angeles. His work has been described as ‘just awesome’. Very exciting shorts and super hot models! Some might call it kinky…for purposes of this blog I prefer to call it art!

‘Currently in Los Angeles. I am a Los Angeles based photographer and film maker…I love to collaborate with beautiful, intelligent, artistic, creative people…I like to tell honest, sensual, edgy, humorous stories through photography and film…The art is in the collaboration as well as the imagery, i look forward to meeting you!’ Modelmayhem


You might also find this fascinating:




One of my fav’s!  Giorgia Bovo, a brilliant NYC-based dancer/choreographer of Italian origin, recently had an operation on one of her knees, effectively putting her out of active duty for about 6 to 8 weeks. Unable to remain inactive for so long, the young dancer created an amazingly original project called ‘The Recovery Dances‘ where each week she showcases some of her artistic skills that do not depend on her knee:

 ‘I am a dancer who is recovering from knee surgery (arthroscopy for meniscal tear). The recovery process from the procedure usually takes 6-8 weeks. I am not capable to avoid dancing for all this time, so I decided to make movements in a less traditional way, without risking to slow down healing, and to make a dance journal about my recovery. I called it: The Recovery Dances.

This week the subject has to do with Giorgia’s hair.  Appropriately called ‘Hair’.  By the way, I have a permanent link of Giorgia’s links on my side bar.  Pay her a visit!

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