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I had already featured a short video from this super-talented dancer and choreographer on the first of this year.  That inspiring video is part of her innovative ‘The Recovery Dances‘. Giorgia was brought up in Italy where she studied at some of the very best dance institutions the country had to offer before heading to New York in 2007, where she has resided since. I intend to write a more dedicated blog article on this exceptionally gifted woman (later in the week?), but will limit myself to present another cheerful work of hers for your enjoyment.  Oh, before I forget: take a look at these links, please!  The Uselessness Project;  Vimeo(Bovo).

I have got to get myself a pair of YELLOW socks just like that!




Gemma Lee Farrell   Miss November 2015, Playboy. FACEBOOK






Since Michael Sean is like GOD of the modern BDSM-erotic/gay/porn novel, you would be correct if you inferred that your chess game will not likely improve by carefull study of ‘OPENING MOVES‘! Basically, it is smut. The author tempts the reader with this introduction:

‘Threesome Rook, Knight and Bishop make Jason an offer he can’t refuse. Can the four of them be exactly what they each need? Find out in this Opening Move.

Rook, Knight and Bishop have been searching for a fourth man to join their threesome for quite a while when Knight meets Jason, the live model in the art class he’s auditing. He thinks that Jason is the perfect man for them and his lovers Rook and Bishop quickly agree. The trick will be convincing Jason…

Join these sexy men as they make their Opening Moves.’


Here is part of a book review I found on the internet:

”It always seems that there’s no way around Sean Michael, if you’re a fan of M/M BDSM Erotica. So I figured it was high time I gave this famous author a try as well. And a M/M/M/M romance/erotica is not something I’ve ever read before, so I had high hopes. Unfortunately, I was rather disappointed…Essentially, this was porn without plot. There’s not a single page without sex or thinking or talking about sex in the entire book.”

On the other hand, maybe this is EXACTLY  the kind of book some of my readers might need to get their chess game out of the rut it finds itself in…(!)  In any case, Michael Sean has promised an entire ‘chess’ series of smut books, and given his incredible commercial success todate, he is going to deliver!




Learn more new words HERE.






I kid you not!  Greg Lowe and Jack Semple are two successful Canadian musicians who–when they are not performing individually, make up the band ‘THE CHESS CLUB’.  Says the Winnipeg Free Press :

Greg Lowe and Jack Semple of the jazz/blues guitar duo the Chess Club have never actually played a game of chess.  The name was bequeathed to them by “super-cool” saxophone player Earl Seymour from their former band, the Lincolns, who made fun of Semple and Lowe for being squares, and called them the president and vice-president of the chess club. “You know, like from a high-school perspective — we were the nerds in the band,” says Semple.

In any case, I am certain that my readers will forgive them both for their audacity when they listen to them play!  ENJOY!




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