Spraggett’s AXIOM on cheating…

”AT ANY GIVEN TIME, 20% of participants of any given chess tournament are receiving advice from a third party DURING PLAY.”



HUMAN NATURE is a formidable adversary! Today FIDE has made it just so easy for chess players of all levels to try their luck at using IT during a chess game…the current naive efforts by FIDE to curb cheating are such that only IDIOTS get caught. Reality is that it is hard to fight some of the impulses of human nature when technology makes it so tempting and the chances of getting caught are less than 0.5%…the authorities are so completely clueless.  My own experience these past 5 years is that cheating during tournaments is everywhere, at all levels, from the lowly 1400 to the elite plus-2700 club. PROOF?  Sadly, I have none….and that is EXACTLY why FIDE will continue to fail! The ONLY way to stop a player from cheating is to CATCH him/her in the act.




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