My video favourites TODAY

The social media provides a low-cost platform for remarkable individuals to share their passions, talents and life-stories with others, without first having to first SELL their soul to the system…I am a sucker for this and I would bet that you are too!  Here is a small collection of stuff that I found today…ENJOY!



‘I am a dancer who is recovering from knee surgery (arthroscopy for meniscal tear). The recovery process from the procedure usually takes 6-8 weeks. I am not capable to avoid dancing for all this time, so I decided to make movements in a less traditional way, without risking to slow down healing, and to make a dance journal about my recovery. I called it: The Recovery Dances.’





”Too drunk to FUCK” by the Dead Kennedys (but performed here by Nouvelle Vague) is a GREAT song in the tradition of ‘The Art of the Dirty Love Song‘.  Visit Coraly Corazon’s FACEBOOK.


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