Kirsan: Superstar!


Whether by intention or ignorance–or by merely continuing a clearly failed political agenda of imposing sanctions on those who disagree with their vision of reality–the US Treasury has made Kirsan’s day! Now experts say that it is assured that FIDE President Kirsan Ilyumzhinov will remain in office for another 20 years.  Kirsan is currently one of the top-ten most searched names on Google…he is riding on a crest of popularity that is something of a media phenomenon…



The slightly eccentric Kalmyki billionaire has invested heavily in the middle-east during the past 20 years, and has carved out a unique position that has allowed him to become a facilitator  whenever the Kremlin does not want to directly send officials to trouble areas on the middle-east, be it Iran, Iraque, Syria, Lybia just to mention a few examples.


Now that Kirsan finds himself on the US-led sanctions list for allegedly having direct business dealings with Syrian banks (Kirsan has-since the early 1990’s–a 19% ownership of a VERY,VERY,VERY small Moscow based bank that does some business in Syria) it is expected that Kirsan’s political stature in Russia will become even more solid.  At a time when Russian patriotism is at an all-time high, Kirsan’s future is guaranteed to be rosy.


Away from big-time world politics and closer to the relatively boring world of chess politics, neither Gary Kasparov nor his side-kick Nigel Short missed the opportunity to try to stick the knife a bit deeper…




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