Curious website…


I stumbled upon this tumblr blog earlier today, searching for chess-related material. Avantegarde, risqué, …in other words, ART.


Photo by Marc Blackie. ”Well, I am an English photographer, based primarily in London and I create ever so slightly strange photos and short films involving women in impalpably erotic situations. ….I do have a fairly wicked sense of playfulness and obviously a great love for my opposite of body and sexuality” You can read more of this interview HERE.  Or, visit his website and twitter.



Model/photographer unknown. Board set up correctly…and NICE tail! The only conclusion I can come to is that this is a professionally done photo, in good taste and while I would hesitate to say it is heartwarming, it certainly is arousing!



Photo 1950. Lovely.  By Zoltan Glass, Hungarian born 




No comment necessary, but I would like to express my admiration–or perhaps my concern– that she does not seem concentrated enough…



1987, Photograph, Black and White Silver Gelatin Print, 15.13 x 12.63 inches. Wayne R. Lazorik (1939- ) studied photography at the University of Minnesota, completing a BS in 1962 and an MFA in 1965. He started teaching at the University of New Mexico in 1966 and retired in 1996. ”Whose move is it” is the name given to this photo.

Volare Digital Capture




More Marc Blackie.  A great photo.  The position is filled with traps and unusual obstacles.  The player’s hands are tied.  As much as she wants to, she can not pick up a piece!



‘I am yet another hominid biped. I am the type who endeavours to live life in as simple and creative a manner as possible. Mainly in London, England. Sometimes in other places. I used to spend all my time making music and now divide my time between various musical and photographic projects’

Nagib El Desouky  London, UK  WEBSITE



A somewhat unusual photo that some readers might find a tad offensive. Photo by erotic master Johann Blecker. It provides a possible answer to  the age-old question of where the best place for the Queen is…


Marcel Marien (1920-1993) – L’Empire d’Othello.  Ditto the above photo, but this time the King.



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