Today’s winning 5-second tactics


‘Here we are, trapped in the amber of the moment. There is no why.’ Kurt Wonnegut





CVST Wijk aan Zee  2015.11.16  gm  Pruijssers, Roeland–gm Hansen, Eric.  Position after White’s 21st move (21.b4), attacking Black’s Bishop.  If I was White I would be worried about the open position about my King, but White seems to be well developed and has his share of the centre….




Eric (left) just before his game with grandmaster Pruijssers, round 1. Eric is always one of the most stylish-dressed grandmasters on the circuit.




India Ch  Trivarur  2015.11.16   gm  Venkatesh M.R.– im  (2436) Shyaamnikhil P.  Position before Black’s 27th move. Black has an obvious positional advantage, having earlier sacrificed an exchange to leave White with an open King position. To make matters worse for White, his Rooks remain uncoordinated. White, with his last move (27.Qd2) intends to play his Rook to the c-file…




CVST Wijk aan Zee  2015.11.16  Pruijssers, Roeland–Hansen, Eric: 21…Rxe4!! A complicated combination that was not so easy to evaluate, but is entirely correct. 22.dxe4 (White has no real choice. If instead  22.bxc5 Re2!! wins on the spot. Or if 22.Qg2 Rxe1 23.Rxe1 Qh5 24.Nd2 Bxb4 and the win is just a question of time ) 22…Rxd2 23.Nxd2 Bxb4 24.c3 Bc5

The smoke has cleared: White has huge difficulties coordinating his Rooks while Black still has strong attacking chances on the Kingside. The game ended with Eric demonstrating some powerful blows: 25.e5 Be6 26.c4 f5 27.Rf3 g4 28.Rd3 b5 29.Ba3 Bb6 30.Rd8+ Kh7 31.Re8 Qh6 32.Bc1 Qg6 33.Re7 bxc4 34.h4 gxh3 35.Nf1 Qg4 36.Kh2 Qf3 37.Kxh3 Qh5+ 38.Kg2 Bd5+ 39.Re4 Bxe4# 0-1

India Ch  Trivarur  2015.11.16   Venkatesh M.R.–Shyaamnikhil P: 27…Rc2!! 28.Qe1 (Black’s idea is that if now 28.Qxc2 Qxe3+ 29.Rf2 Bd4! And the White King is in a mating net) 28…Qxe3+ 29.Qf2 Qxe2 (It seems that 29…Qg5! was stronger, though one can hardly fault Black for his solution as he gets an easily won eding) 30.Qxe2 Rxe2 31.b3 Rxa2 32.Rf3 Rb2 0-1  White has had enough

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