The new faces of terrorism


It was a typical Friday night in Paris as  young people  took to the clubs and  relax, have a few drinks, listen to music and welcome the weekend.  Nobody saw it coming.  Paris–like most of France–has the largest active secret police force in Europe–and this is not to mention the normal police forces– walking the streets and controlling everything inside airports,train and bus stations, as well as city centres.  French people simply accepted that putting their FAITH in their governments by allowing them so much power as a reasonable price to pay for their security at home  and especially for maintaining their DISTINCTLY French way of life…


HOW wrongly placed such FAITH could be  was shown last Friday when less than a dozen bold terrorists multiplied by a factor of 10 the number of victims since the Charlie Hebdo massacre earlier in the year.  THE NEXT TIME, it could be a factor of 100…


France is led by a failed political leadership that has shown itself only too willing to play the bully and to use excessive force outside of France (in Lybia, in Africa, in Syria, just as a few examples) to prop up flagging and depressing polls back home…Holland’s recent coloured comments–filled with bias, arrogance and disrespect for any and everyone who stands in his way–have only isolated France and made them an increasingly obvious target for the new wave of faith-driven terrorists from the Arab world.


The problem, as I see it, is NOT how to defeat ISIL or whatever organization it will metamorphize into in the near future (surely the ISIL group in Syria and Iraq will soon have to escape to avoid being obliterated by the Russians), but instead how to justify the increasing price in terms of thousands and tens of thousands of ordinary citizens in Europe who will become victims in support of an arrogant and ANTIQUATED political vision of a crusade-type of world that really should no longer exist in the modern global community.


Surely if the leaders of England and France and Germany (amongst other countries)  do not STOP their self-righteous attempts to bring their style of democracy to the rest of the world (by bombing all opposition), then the new generation of FAITH-DRIVEN terrorists will have Paris burning time and time again…


Perhaps it is time for Europeans to re-think their idea of ‘FAITH’ and to stop believing in the politically-correct, poll-drive OPPORTUNISTIC cliches of their elected officials!? The French Revolution took place more than 200 years ago…the world has changed.

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